I find it comforting
coming home to solitude.
Although at times it gets lonely,
I yearn for human companionship.
I constantly have to remind myself
that it’s alright to be alone,
that it’s alright to yearn for affection.
How I respond to the “stressors”, if you may,
is all on me.
You know some people wake up
and realize the clock has beaten them.
I’ve always found it easy to say
“It’s my twenties, I’m allowed to fuck up.”
Boy! was I wrong.
You wake up and you’re not twenty-one anymore.
Your actions and decisions are inexcusable.
You run out of people and things to blame
and that’s hard.
But I guess those are just growing pains.
So here’s to a new beginning,
even though it’s March, ha-ha!
Here’s to twenty-three and many more.