Sipho finally had a solution to the matter of Thabo and Zizipho. The next morning he went on to see uBaba uMacingwane to get a traditional medicine to make her daughter fall in love with Thabang and to hate Thabo. He knew that is the only solution in this matter since Thabang is not related to Zizipho.

Baba uMacingwane: sawubona mfana, kudala ndikulindele.

Sipho: baba uMacingwana sawubona, you said you have been waiting for me why?

Baba uMacingwana: your daughter is in trouble my son.

Sipho: (confused) why do you say so baba.

Baba uMacingwana: you came here also because of her.

Sipho: yes baba that is correct.

Baba uMacingwana: what do you want me to do?

Sipho: baba, my daughter and my son if I dont stop them , it will be wrong they have fallen inlove. The thing is they do not know they are related.

Baba uMacingwana: why dont you tell them they are related.

Sipho: if I do then blood will flow baba.

Baba uMacingwana: give me their names I see

Sipho: its Thabo my son and Zizipho my daughter.

Baba uMacingwana: son, you have not said what do you want me to do.

Sipho: I want my daughter to hate Thabo, but also at the same time for the happiness of my daughter as a father I want her to be inlove with Thabang.

Baba uMacingwana: mmmh my son are you talking about the Mbhele sons here , the sons of Tsepho.

Sipho: yes Sir, how did you know.

Baba uMacingwana: I know son mmh this is dangerous son but then here is this medicine make sure that your daughter drinks this and make sure son, the boy whose name is –

Sipho: Thabang

Baba uMacingwana: yes Thabang drinks this and he will also fall inlove with your daughter and also your daughter will like him and hate your son you mentioned

Sipho now goes home and he arrives while there is no one at home, they all went to church. He waits for them looking at the window and he sees the three of them entering on the gate and he quickly pores the medicine on the two cups and as they enter inside.

Sipho: (singing) hello my lovely children, dad has made scones for you and here is coffee to eat them with. (While he made sure to give the correct cup to each individual).

They drink the coffee and eat the scones.

At night while Thabo checks if Thabang is sleeping he sneaks out to go to see Zizipho in her room. He then goes there sneaking and knocks at the door. Then Zizipho goes whispering Thabang is that you opening the door smiling.

Thabo: (with an angry face) Zizipho, my love why are you calling me Thabang. What is happening here.

Zizipho: (not looking interested) mxm , it is you , what do you want here.

Thabo: (confused) what do you mean what do I want here my love.

Zizipho: please Thabo go , I am no longer inlove with you and if you do not I will scream.

Thabo left so confused as what is happening now with Zizipho.

In the morning monday while everyone is preparing to go to school , Zizipho goes and knocks at the door the boys are sleeping in and Thabang opens it.

Zizipho:give me your shirt for me to iron it(looking at Thabang).

Thabo hearing what Zizipho is saying looks so angry and just passes both of them at the door.

At night Thabo is thinking and looking sad.

Thabang: zalo (smiling)

Thabo: yes zalo (looking so angry)

Thabang: Zizipho is so beautiful , I love her zalo.

Thabo: (jumping out of the bed so angry and he grabs Thabang on the chest so angry) you see now zalo, you are speaking nonsense now and if you do not stop speaking this nonsense I will beat you up.

Thabang: (pushing Thabo and also jumping out of bed) bafo I said what I wanted to say zalo no hard feelings I love that woman and I want to marry her and you will not stop me zalo.

Thabo: punching Thabang and also Thabang fighting back.

Sipho and Zizipho as they heard that Thabo and Thabang were fighting they rushed to the room.

Sipho: (seperating the boys and both of them are bleeding) what is happening here (shouting)

Thabo: Bhuti Sipho, it is Thabang here who started speaking nonsense.

Thabang: Bhuti Sipho, I did not speak nonsense here I said I love Zizipho here.

Zizipho coming back with a wet to help Thabang with the blood.

Thabo looking so confused as what is happening here.

Thabo goes and grabs Zizipho’s hand painfully.

Thabo: this is nonsense you are doing

Zizipho: Dad, Thabo is hurting me.

Sipho: Thabo , you are hurting my daughter, you see now son , you have crossed the line.

Thabo letting go of Zizipho and now Zizipho holding Thabang and helping her to wipe the blood away.

Thabo: this is nonsense what is happening here, zalo you are doing this to me .

Thabo takes his clothes and Sipho tries to stop him.

Sipho : son, don’t take your clothes, son please stop.

Thabang: let him go Bhuti Sipho.

Thabo leaves Bra Sipho’s house back to Tsepho’s house so angry. (To be continued ).