The next morning she woke up early and took the morning taxis to Joburg and arrived at her parents home and found them drinking tea on the stoep

Tumi : dumela mama le papa😔

Mother : Dumela Tumi🤗

Father : dumela Tumi🤗

Mother: What’s wrong Tumi is everything ok because you are not yourself today🤨

Tumi : Mama ,Tshepang doesn’t love me anymore😭

Mother : What’s the problem talk to me my child🧐

Tumi :Mama Tshepang beats me every day and always tortures me 😭😭😭

Mother:No my child Tshepang loves you give him some time be strong that’s marriage☺️

Father : Emshadweni kuyabekezelwa Tumi😤

Tumi left feeling sad that her parents couldn’t help her instead they didn’t care how she felt