(William and Grace woke up in a very sunny morning. They had breakfast and their outfits matches their moods for the day as it was their first day going for a scan together)

*Hospital, Doctor’s office*

(Will and Grace enters the office as they greet and the doctor offers Grace to lay down of the bed for a scan, Doctor scanned Grace)

GRACE: (tears of joy) OMG, Will look at her small head.

WILLIAM: This is a dream come true.

GRACE: I can’t wait to meet my baby.

WILLIAM: You will in 4 months!

GRACE: Yes I suppose. Doctor is everything okay?

DOCTOR: Yes Mrs Mbedu everything is okay. I am glad to see that your baby is doing fine, growing and it seems like you are eating well.

GRACE: (hold hands and looks at William) Thanks to my husband, he have been taking care of me.

DOCTOR: He is a good husband to you Grace. Make sure you don’t lose him because people and men like him, are hard to find.

GRACE: Yes, noted!

(When the doctor was done with the scanning, she gave Will and Grace the photos of the scan)

WILLIAM: Look how fragile he is.

GRACE: He? It’s a She!

WILLIAM: Doc, what’s the gender of the baby?

DOCTOR: Well, we’ll see when the lady gives birth in 4 months time, I think we are done. Thank you for coming.

WILLIAM: It’s a pleasure, Doctor.

(William and Grace exits the office as they walk, they see a free table at the Café)

*Café shop*

WILLIAM: What would you like to drink?

GRACE: My favourite- Orange juice

WILLIAM: Okay, I’ll get up some velvet cake.

GRACE: Sure.

(William went to buy drinks and a cake,while he was ordering, Doctor went to Grace as she was alone)

GRACE: Doctor!

DOCTOR: Grace? How are you?

GRACE: Doing fine, you?

DOCTOR: Doing good too.

GRACE: Hmmm….how may I help?

DOCTOR: I know what’s going on, Grace.

GRACE: Excuse me?

DOCTOR: You….and that man you were with.

GRACE: (shocked, and shaking) Me and Jason?

DOCTOR: What were you doing the other day?

GRACE: Nothing.

DOCTOR: Ohh really? Weren’t you here to take….Uhmm tests?

GRACE: (shocked even more) Tests? What are you talking about?

DOCTOR: Drop the act, Grace. I know that you were here to tests that whether the baby is yours, or that gentleman… what’s his name again? Jason!

Grace is silence

DOCTOR: Cat got your tongue? Grace I know that you were here for that. Ohh, wow does that mean…you slept with Jason?

GRACE: (sobs) Doctor, please. Please don’t tell my husband, I’ll lose everything.

DOCTOR: Is the child his or not?

GRACE: It’s his child..

DOCTOR: Liar! The child is not his, I know because I have prove.

GRACE: Are the results out?

DOCTOR: Yes, and you were supposed to pick them up today.

GRACE: Please don’t tell…..

DOCTOR: Relax, Grace…relax. I won’t tell, Will.

GRACE: You won’t?

DOCTOR: Relax, but you will have to do as I say and if you try to do anything stupid, William will find out the truth.

GRACE: Fine.

DOCTOR: Sure then, I’ll give you these results in private so that Jason can see that he’s going to be a father.

(Will comes with the food he ordered and sat down with the ladies)

WILLIAM: (smiles) Hey ladies, what are you talking about?

DOCTOR: About how you will take care of your baby. (Looks at Grace)

GRACE: (wipes her tears) Yes baby, you will be the best dad in the whole world.

DOCTOR: (stands up) Yes, I was get going by the way.

WILLIAM: Let’s have velvet cake together, Doctor.

DOCTOR: No, no. Duty call, Mr Mbedu. I hope next time me and you would catch up, you know? And talk…about serious….things…such as….

Grace interrupts

GRACE: Good bye, Doctor. It was nice chatting with you.

DOCTOR: (walk away slowly) Okay, see you in 2 weeks time, again!

Tell us: Do you think the Doctor should tell William about Grace’s secret or it will destroy Will’s happiness and marriage?