At The interrogation room, Detective Van Der Kerk and Detective Busisiwe are having a heated interrogation with Pinky.

Busi: I was expecting bombs, I was not expecting you to be here with us.. Today?

Pinky: Sometimes, your crimes just find a way to catch up with you! (taps her fingers in the table)

Busi: Why come to Police Station? That means you will never see your son again.

Pinky: There are thousands other people who can take of my son.

Van Der Kerk: (laughing) Wow. Seems like you are a legend at this game.

Pinky: (Continues tapping the desk)

Busi: Could you kindly tell me, who did you send to come and kidnap junior?

Pinky: No comment!

Van Der Kerk: (laughing)

Busi: (laughing)

Pinky: Why are you laughing?

Busi: You sound so sure, o tshepile eng?

Pinky: That an irony question coming from a woman, you should know better!

Busi: Anyway Pinky Potgeiter. We have a special guest for you!

Pinky: Who, Abitha?

Van Der Kerk: No. But a very very Special guest.

Pinky: Who?

Busi: (laughing) Let’s just keep you in suspense, what do you think Johan?

Van Der Kerk: Indeed.

At Mampho’s Apartment, Joyce and Mampho are having breakfast.

Mampho: This Bacon is nice. (Continues eating)

Joyce: I learnt from the best.

Mampho: Kana, you come from a family of chefs. How you like bragging.

Joyce: Yes. As a human, you must brag nyana a little.

Abitha enters the breakfast room.

Mampho: There goes my breakfast, I lost appetite!

Abitha: Well, that is none of my business.

Joyce: Come on Mampho, let’s be polite to one another.. Right?

Abitha: If you ever.. Ever in your life do something like to me again. I’m going to make you bacon, the same bacon you eating right now. Unlike Christina, I’m not going to bury you, I’m going to eat you!

Joyce: We heard you the first time, Abitha. We wanted you to realise that we can also back stab you if we want.

Abitha: nyi nyen nwe nwe back stab. Try your stunts again. Ngi’zo no bonisa. This where I draw the line.

Mampho: Yeh, after drawing that line you can voetsek out of my house… Both of you!

Joyce: Even me?

Mampho: Yes, My husband is coming back from Switzerland, I don’t want him to find frogs like you in his house.

Abitha: Sometimes I forget I own a mansion.

Joyce: (laughing) That mansion of yours is surrounded by police.

Abitha: (sucks her teeth) mxm!

Mampho: like I have said.. You cordially have been invited to my wedding on 3 April.

Joyce: I was expecting to be a bridesmaids, but anyway. It’s fine. Let me go back to my home. At least the police aren’t looking for me.

Abitha: Yet.

Joyce: (takes a knife, and points it at Abitha) And I hope you don’t throw me under the bus.

Mampho: So Girls.. Where is Pinky?

At the Interrogation room, Van Der Kerk and Detective Busi are still having a heated interrogation.

Van Der Kerk: I want to know the relationship between you girls. Who is who?

Pinky: How So Detective boy?

Van Der Kerk: Who is the boss, is it you or Mampho?

Pinky: (laughing) Where are we? Primary? There is no boss.

Busi: What my colleague is trying to explain is that. Who is so evil in your group, to the point of murder?

Pinky: Joyce!

Van Der Kerk: Joyce?

Busi: Joyce?

In Maharaj’s car. At an unknown building’s basement.

Maharaj: Don’t worry Junior, Mom will be here soon.

Junior: Why are we here?

Maharaj: (hands junior a box) Do you see this box?

Junior: (takes the box) Yes Uncle.

Maharaj: I want you to enter this building, do you know how to use a lift?

Junior: Yes uncle, they used to have it at my dad’s house, before we moved out Me and mommy.

Maharaj: Good. I want you to go to floor number 7,at apartment number 147.

Junior: What is in the box?

Maharaj: Just some boring adult stuff my boy! (opens the car door for him)

Junior: So what do I do after?

Maharaj: (Sighs) Arggh! You just say it is a gift From Uncle Maharaj. Ok?

Junior: (Gets out of the car) OK.

Maharaj: OK.. Boy Boy. I will be waiting for you in the car neh.

Junior: OK. (starts walking)

Maharaj: (closes the door, and whispers to himself) There is your gift witches!

At the interrogation room.

Van Der Kerk: AHH. Our special guest is here.

Busi: Finally!

Pinky: (breathes heavily) Guys, who are you talking about?

Van Der Kerk: She should be here In 10 seconds.

Pinky: Is it Christina?

Busi: No!

Van Der Kerk: Stop hurting yourself.

The Mysterious Special Guest enters the interrogation room. At Mampho’s Apartment, A door bell rings.

Abitha: Are you expecting someone?

Mampho : No. Except Thuso

Abitha: (Stares at Mampho Coldly) What if it’s the police?

Joyce: You guys stay calm, I’m going to open the door!

Abitha: Where did I put my gun?

Joyce: (walks to the door and opens)

Junior: Hello. Uncle mah..

Joyce: (Interrupts Junior) Junior?

Junior: Uncle Maharaj sent me to give you this box.

Joyce: Come in!

Junior: (gets in)

Joyce: (closes the door) Maharaj?

Abitha: Junior?

Junior: Hello, Uncle Maharaj said I must give you this box.

Joyce: Give me the box.

Mampho: Where is this Maharaj?

Junior: (hands Joyce the box) He is at the basement.

At the interrogation room.

Amanda: Miss Me?

Pinky: (Stands Up in fear) You! You are.. Alive?

Van Der Kerk: And this is our special guest.

Busi: Inspector Amanda!

Pinky: (Gasps in fear) What have I done!

Amanda: You left me to die! You left Me with that disgusting friend of your Abitha!

Pinky: Get me out of here.

Busi: Unfortunately, there is no place you are going. Other than Jail.

Pinky: (Breathes heavily) It can’t be!

Van Der Kerk: Welcome back Inspector.

Amanda: I feel welcome already!

At Mampho’s Apartment.

Mampho: What is taking you long to open the box!

Junior: Can I go? He is waiting for me. (walks to the door)

Mampho: It’s been long time since I have see Maharaj. (walks with Junior as they exit the apartment)

Abitha: I don’t want to talk to him.

Joyce: (opening the box) Who?

Abitha: Maharaj! (shivers) I threw him under the bus, instead of protecting him!

Joyce: (Opens the box) Why is this box so tightly sealed. (hands it to Abitha)

Abitha: (Opens the box, and Gasps in shock)

Joyce: What? What is it?

Abitha: (Shiveringly, in shock) It’s… It’s a… It’s a bomb!

Joyce: (Holds her mouth, gasping in shock) oh.. No.

In Maharaj’s car. On a phone call with Christopher Potgeiter.

Maharaj: It’s done!

Christopher: (on a phone call) Good!

Maharaj: (hangs up, and drives off)

At Mampho’s Apartment.

Joyce: (Crying) It’s too late!

Abitha: (Crying) it can’t be! (hugs Joyce)

Joyce: (Crying, hugs Abitha)

The Bomb Explodes.