At Mampho’s Apartment. Christina and Joyce are pointing Abitha with a gun Whilst Mampho Watching in Shock.

Joyce: (Pointing gun at Abitha) Cat Caught your tounge?

Abitha: (drops her bag, and raises his hands up) What.. What do you want. This is a bad manner to greet a person you last seen in years!

Joyce: Nka go thuba Hlogo nou, ska mpotsa mosono.

Christina: (Pointing gun at Abitha) I don’t like the rumors I heard about you!

Joyce: I told you they are not rumors!

Abitha: Why if you don’t like the rumors, why o sa cover’e ditsebe tseo tsao.

Joyce: Come on. Mampho? Do you feel excluded.

Mampho: I’m am so not believing you guys. You still acting just as childish. I thought you left the life of Crime behind.

Christina: (points gun to Joyce) You busy lecturing everyone about their sins. What about yours?

Joyce: Christina. Get that gun out of my face.

Mampho: What are you guys doing in my house.

Joyce: We came here to have a little chat you girls. It’s a pity pinky is not here. Mara the show, must continue!

At the Police Station, in the Detective’s Office.

Busi: (paging up the report document) The report from forensics is here. Finally!

Van Der Kerk: (Fakes a loud sigh) We have days waiting!

Busi: You wont guess whose DNA was found on Siviwe?

Van Der Kerk: Whose?

Busi: Pinky! Then to furthermore keep you on the edge of your seat. The firearms unit got back to me.

Van Der Kerk: And. What does it say?

Busi: The bullet found in Siviwe’s body. Belongs to Constable Maharaj! In Durban.

Van Der Kerk: So that means, the person who shot Siviwe, could have long shot had vendetta with him? Maybe.

Busi: Now tell me about the Video Footage.

Van Der Kerk: Abitha was not alone when she escaped. Someone dressed up as a Doctor, came and pushed her out in a wheelchair. The doctor then told the police to leave.

Busi: Could you see their face?

Van Der Kerk: No. (bangs the table) Everytime we think you are getting out, the deeper we fall. Maybe we are moving too fast?

Busi: Was the Apparent Doctor, Male or Female?

Van Der Kerk : She wore a wig, maybe it was female.

Busi: So, our Suspects are. Abitha, Pinky, Mampho and Joyce! Then we have Constable Maharaj in the mix.

Van Der Kerk: Also add Christina Potgeiter!

Busi: Why, She lost her son to murder!

Van Der Kerk: Which makes her have even more motive! Right now, it’s a game of catch one. Catch all!

Busi: We still have to await Criminal Profilers and Medical Examiners. Do you now blame me when I say I hate my job!

At Aus Mary’s home. Detective Busisiwe Khuzwayo is paying the house a visit.

Busi: Goodmorning.

Aus Mary: Goodmorning, Mrs Police.

Busi: Please just call me Detective Busi.

Aus Mary: OK, Mrs Police.

Busi: (Opens her notebook) I’m here to do an investigation, I’m from the crime and Robbery department.

Aus Mary: OK mme. Nkao thusa yang?

Busi: Do you know Pinky.. Pinky Potgeiter?

Aus Mary: I do! She was my neighbor.

Busi: Was?

Aus Mary: Yes.. Was. She moved out weeks ago?

Busi: (writes down in her note book) How many weeks?

Aus Mary : Three to five weeks max!

Busi: Who was she with?

Aus Mary: The only person I ever saw her with, is her son. With curly hair!

Busi: (Stares Aus Mary into the eyes) Do you think there is something we have to know? That you know we need to no.

Aus Mary: Absolutely not.

Busi: Tell me. Who do you live with?

Aus Mary: Like Pinky. I also live alone with my son. Lethabo.

Busi: You must have had a lot in common neh. So where is your son?

Aus Mary: Oh, they are in school!

Busi: They?

Aus Mary: Uugh. Forgive me. You know this English is not our mother tounge. Se nale gotswa tseleng. Mei Kent.

At Mampho’s Apartment.

Mampho: Christina, I think Joyce should start by confessing to you what happened!

Joyce: What are you doing!

Abitha: Mampho’s right Christina!

Joyce: Don’t forget I still have a gun on your head.

Christina: And I have mine on yours.

Mampho: It has always seen Joyce’s Modus Operandi to victimize herself and guilty trip everyone. It has always been Pinky’s modus operandi, to run away.

Joyce: Shut Up!

Mampho: It has always been Abitha’s Modus Operandi to manipulate the spot light! They are all evil and cunning Christina!

Abitha: If you have nothing good to say, shut up wena Mampho, cause angeko’ ok’buzile.

Christina: Stop beating around the bush. Talk!

Mampho : Christina. Are you really sure you want to know what happened to your son are you sure you want to know who killed him?

Christina: (shoots up)

Joyce: (startled) Christina stop it!

Abitha: (startled)

Mampho: (startled) It was Pinky! Pinky killed your son!

Christina: (nods her head in denial) No.. She loves my son. She loved my son.

Joyce: Well your son Cheated!

Mampho: And we all know when a scorned woman sneezes, the whole thing gets a flu!

Joyce: Take that gun off my face Christina. Because the problem is right in front of you.

Christina: (points gun at Abitha) You Jezebel! You Delilah! It is all your fault.

Abitha: Wow. It did not take you guys seconds to blame me!

Mampho: If you did not advertise your body everywhere, George maybe would have not fallen for you. Maybe pinky would have a happy family and we would not be sitting on a crime case!

Christina: When last did you see Pinky?

Abitha: Days ago!

Christina: Answer me dammit!

Abitha: 4 days ago!

Christina: Did she say anything about the locations she would possibly be interested in.

Mampho: (raises her hand) I think I might know a place or two.

Joyce: (takes gun off Abitha’s head) I can’t deprive Pinky the show of me blowing out you brains.(puts gun in her handbag)

Christina: (points gun at Mampho) And then.. You! How do you know all this info.

Abitha: I wonder?

Joyce: Yes.. Hape wa tlhalosa. You talk your mind. Where do you get the info?

Mampho: Guys really. We literally grew up with Pinky. She is our friend. For sure the is something we can do to get to her.

Joyce: OK.

Abitha: Wow. Joyce and Mampho. You put the blame seamlessly on Pinky!

Christina: (frowns in Confusion) Abitha?

Abitha: Baloi ba. They talk lies as if they are getting paid!

Christina: (in disbelief) I only just want the Killer of my son!

Abitha: (stares at Mampho) The killer of your Son. Is between three of us. It is either me, Mampho or Joyce.

Joyce: (whispers) What are you doing.. What are you doing for goodness sake.

Christina: (Holds her chest, breathing heavily) What.. Are you doing to me Abitha.

Abitha: (picks up her bag, as she takes out her phone) It’s time I taught people some manners!

Christina: (Slowly, starts to pull the trigger)

Abitha: Now, I can really say. I got recording, that will keep you at the edge of your heart. (starts tapping her phone)

Joyce: (Joyce stares at Abitha in disbelief)

*Recording Starts Playing*

ο»ΏAt Aus Mary’s House, Mary has got an unexpected visit from Detective Busisiwe.

* Phone Continues ringing*

Busi: I don’t mind you can answer.

Aus’ Mary: (breathes heavily, while holding her ringing phone) Maybe.. Maybe it is just Some insurance.

Busi: Please.. I don’t mind, I would feel guilty if you don’t answer.

Lethabo and Junior enter the house.

Lethabo: (Screaming) Mom, I back.. You won’t believe what happened at school today!

Junior: (facing down) Where is mommy. I want my mom. Is she not back?

Busi: (Stares at Aus’ Mary in the eye) ο»Ώ

Aus’ Mary: Uh… Uhmm.

Lethabo: Mommy. Who is this?

Aus’ Mary: This is Detective Busi.

Busi: What is happening here Aus’Mary?

Aus’Mary: I’m sorry I lied. But.. She begged me! She begged me not to say anything!

Busi: (looks at Junior) Hello my boy?

Junior: I want my mommy)

Busi: (Stares at Aus’ Mary Coldly) Mommy is coming home… Soon.

Junior: No. I want her now!

* Phone rings*

Busi: So.. It was her on the phone all along.

Aus’ Mary: (Sighs) Yes, Detective.

Busi: Wow. Oh actually.. Wow.

Aus’ Mary: Heh?

Busi: Answer the phone call.

Aus’ Mary: (Sits down on the lounge’s and answers the phone call)

Pinky: (on a phone call with Aus’Mary) Mary.. We need to talk.

Aus’ Mary: I also need to talk to you. Where are you.

Pinky: I’m with Maharaj right now. We are in Newtown, then after. We will hit the road to Mozambique.

Aus’ Mary: (Looks at Detective Busi)

Pinky: Where is Junior?

Aus’ Mary: Uh.. Uh…

Pinky: Hello?

Busi: (takes the phone from Aus Mary’s hand) Hello Pinky, you are speaking to Detective Khuzwayo.

Pinky: What!

Busi: I assure now, that your child is in safe hands. But we need a favor from you!

Pinky: Mary.. Set me up? Where is my child.

Busi: Leave innocent Mary out of this. This is between two of us. I think your child might have to sleep at the Police Station, if you don’t surface back by sunrise!

Junior: (looks at Detective Busi) Why are you Shouting at Mommy?

Busi: No…My boy.. I’m just having a polite conversation with her. If you want to see me Shouting let her not be here by tommorow!

Pinky: (Sighs heavily) Please Busi. Woman to Woman… I can’t come back there, my life will be ruined.

Busi: Your life will be ruined if you don’t comeback.

Pinky: Give the phone to Nana.

Busi: (hands Junior the phone)

Pinky: (cries) Nana?

Junior: Mom?

Pinky: (Sobbing) Mommy will always love you neh.

Junior: No.. I want you here.

Pinky: (Crying) Mommy will come back soon, and we will cuddle and eat popcorn.

Junior: (Cries) Mommy, I miss you!

Pinky: I miss you too. (cries)

Busi: Enough… ( grabs phone from Junior) Pinky. You know what to do! (hangs up)

Aus’ Mary: I’m sorry Detective!

Busi: Well, I will keep to my word. Junior is going to the station with me!

Aus’ Mary: Ah.. Detective have a heart asemblief. The child has been through a lot. Sleeping in a police station is going to trumatise him.

Busi: No.. He won’t sleep at the station, I was scaring his murderous mother. But he is coming with me… To my house. And try any manga manga business. I will tell the police of how you withheld info about a fugitive. (grabs Juniors hand) Let’s go.

Aus’ Mary: I will bring the bags.. Send me your location.

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