Somila : I knew this was a bad decision.I shouldn’t have encouraged her to do this.

Sino : Somi please stop blaming yourself,this is not your fault…whoa you encouraged her to do what?

Somila : It wasn’t a miscarriage,Sino.

Sino : Wait,what?

Somila : Pretty had an abortion.

Sino : Somi,why didn’t you tell me about this? You should have said something but you kept quiet.

Somila : It wasn’t my place to tell you.

Sino : Yoh.This is all Khanya’s fault.I blame him for this.You know I should have sent Pretty back home after what happened with Yandisa.Another thing that I hate about her is that she’s secretive.

Somila : I don’t blame her though.

Sino : What’s that supposed to mean?

Somila : You haven’t been easy on her,Sino and you know that.

Sino : No,Somi this is embarrassing.Already she falls pregnant and on top of that she does an abortion.What do you think people will say about us?

Somila : I hope she gets better soon.I need to go back to the Salon.

Sino : Okay.Thanks for popping in.

Sino took her phone and called her mother.

Sino : Hello mama.

Her mother : Hello,my child,how are you and your sister doing?

Sino : I called to let you know that Pretty is in hospital.

Her mother : Oh my goodness,what happened to my child?

Sino : Your child had an abortion mama.

Her mother : How can something like that happen under your watch,Sino?

Sino : Mama I didn’t know Pretty was pregnant.Her friend just told me.

Her mother : Should anything happen to my child I’m telling you,you will be sorry Sino my child.

Sino : The doctors said she’ll be fine.She’s geting discharged tomorrow (the door swung open) Mama I have to go.

Khanya : You witch! You killed my child!

Sino : Khanya just because your girlfriend lives here doesn’t give you the right to barge in here and start throwing accusations.

Khanya : My child is dead because of you,we both know that.

Sino : What child are you talking about? Because I’m sure she didn’t even tell you she was pregnant.

Khanya : How was she supposed to tell me because I’m sure you told her not to tell me.

Sino : The only person who knew about her pregnancy is her friend,Somila.Go and ask your friend if I knew about this,she will tell you that I didn’t know.

Khanya : And you expect me to believe that you are innocent?

Sino : How sure are you that the baby she was carrying was your baby? Huh?

Khanya : Mxn (clicking his tongue and going)

The following day Pretty was discharged from the hospital.Sino asked Somila to go fetch her from the hospital.

Somila : Sino just told me your girlfriend will be discharged today.Can you please fetch her from the hospital?

Khanya : I will fetch her.

Somila : Thanks,Khanya.

Khanya drove to the hospital to fetch Pretty.

Pretty : Where’s Sino.

Khanya : I don’t know.

It was a silent drive going back home.

Khanya : Why didn’t you tell me you were pregnant?

Pretty : I didn’t know how to tell you or how you would react.

Khanya : Was it even my child?

Pretty : Why with all these questions?

Khanya : I deserve to know,Pretty.I want to know the truth! Was it my child?

Pretty : (keeping quiet)

Khanya : So it wasn’t my child?

Pretty : I don’t know.

Khanya : So you’ve been cheating on me this whole time?

Pretty : Khanya,I would never do that to you.

Khanya : Then how do you explain this? Who else did you sleep with? Was it your sister’s boyfriend’s child?

Pretty : No! How can you even think that?

Khanya : Then tell me,who else did you sleep with?

Pretty : The person I slept with before we started dating is Sphelo.

Khanya : So you were carrying his child? I can’t believe I dumped all my girlfriends because of you.I thought you were different.

Pretty : Khanya,don’t say that.

Khanya : It’s over between us.I don’t ever want to hear from you again.

Tell us : Do you feel sorry for Pretty?