As a father it’s not easy raising two girl children especially when their mother is still alive. Fathers don’t get praised enough for enduring the hardships of raising a girl but I have to say some fathers are the best.

As a father talking to your daughter about relationships, periods it’s hard especially when it’s something you are not used to but my father does. I’ve gotten comfortable with my dad at such a point that I can’t hide anything from him, I tell him everything happening in my life, even when I need sanitary pads. Except for relationships because every father is over protective of their daughters and would not like to see them hurt.

My father is a very strict person and does not like it when his children misbehave. For instance ever since I was born my dad hasn’t seen or heard me speaking with a boy that’s how much I respect him. Although I have been dating I hide the fact from him out of respect, my dad deserve so much more.

I remember when I had an interview, my father would always pray for me and wish me good luck on getting the job and I did, I think it’s because of his blessings that I got this job. My father would go out of his way to make sure that me and my little sister get what we need. Even though my dad doesn’t work he always made sure that we never went to bed with a hungry stomach .

I would like to thank my father for everything that he is doing for us and my wish is that god grants him many more years to come so that he lives to see my success and that I am able to give him everything he needs. Now I understand when people , say “My my father, my hero”. I love you wholeheartedly dad.