After two months of being lonely at the university in my first year, I finally found a friend. We got along quite well and he even invited me to go night clubbing with him that night. I was so excited to finally go to a night club, and quicky went to a clothing store to buy new clothes for the occasion. Soon it was evening and the club we went to was called Prejutz night club and was the most popular night club in the area.
The electronic dance music was loud and everyone was having fun, dancing and drinking alcohol. While everyone was busy enjoying themselves, a gunshot went off and people started screaming with fear. The music stopped and I peeked through people in front of me to see who fired a gun. I saw four men wearing black clothes holding machine guns. One of them asked if there was a girl called ketshepile in the room and no one answered. He got really frustrated due to his question not being unanswered and took a bottle of beer that was on a table and smashed it against the wall.
One person in the club ran towards the door to escape but was mercilessly shot but all four men. This resulted in everyone panicking and trying to run out of the club. The man with guns started shooting people in the club randomly. My friend and I sneaked to the storage room where beer supplies were stored and I hid in the beer fridge while he hid in a fridge packaging box that was next to the fridge that I was hiding in. I heard gunshots and people screaming as I started shaking from being extremely cold and scared. Soon there was extreme silence. I heard footsteps walking into the storage room and my heart started beating very fast.
There were noises of things being moved which gave me an impression that they were searching for survivors. After a while I heard screams and the men talking loudly and thatโ€™s when I knew they had my friend. The screams stopped after a gunshot went off. After a while there was silence. I was extremely freezing and couldnโ€™t handle being and the fridge anymore but was caught in a conundrum of whether to get out of the fridge and be shot or die of cold. I went for it and opened the fridge but luckily for me there was no one in the room except a dead body of my friend. I got out of the fridge and started running towards the main room so that I could get out but what I saw in the main room was dead bodies everywhere. I got out of the club and ran to the nearest house that I saw. Once at the house I knocked as I fell down at the door step due to being very weak. The door was opened and as I looked up, I saw one of the men who were carrying guns in the club. He dragged me inside and pointed a gun at my face and the last thing I heard was the gunshot sound.