Life is a quest of knowing yourself to the fullest. A quest of becoming your best self. A quest of becoming the best version of you. You are here to serve your highest purpose and calling. You are here to make difference. You are here to serve your higher self and God-like dream’s. When your higher self speaks, listen. I think is time to listen.

Wisdom begins when you know what makes you come alive. What drives you. What motivates you. Do you think God loves to see living a life of quiet desperation? Of course not. When was the last time you came alive? Except duping yourself on mindless pleasures. When was the last time you worked on your craft with a smile on your face? When was your last Dream? Childhood? Wow. Make no mistake, life sucks when you neglect your higher self, especially as a Men . What is your higher self? Your purpose, talents, abilities, potential. 

God loves you, trust me. Since you were a child, you heard a voice speaking in your mind and felt it in your heart. You felt that voice especially when you looked closely over the universe. the moon. the sun and when you touched stones. You were like “Wow”, you said. Sounds shocking? I know, you felt that there was a voice guiding you through life. That voice is your destiny. God speaks through intuition. Are you blindly following your instincts?

Nostalgia Speaks, as a child you used to ask profound, important questions. You asked what is a dream? What is the birthday of the world? Why is the moon around? why do we have toes? why the grass is green? These are the universal themes and songs that touch the soul of a child. You dreamt to some purpose like an astronaut in a new planet. As you began the societal programming, your destiny and curiosity was crushed. Until today.  You are so confused. Mxm life sucks. You act like everyone else around you and you don’t understand why, because you are unique. You are special. You are yourself, because everyone is taken. But in society you are the same.

I’m here to tell you to listen to your higher self. To follow your higher self. It’s time to listen now. You deserve to live beyond your means, God loves you. You deserve good things & nice things with some chilli on top. So i ask you today, what do you want to get out of life? What do you solely want to achieve with all your heart? You might be asking, but i don’t know my talents. my purpose. my potentials. Let me tell you something, to find your greatness, you have to fight for It. You have to wage war against yourself to find peace.

To find your purpose and talents you have to lock yourself in a room to calm your mind. Your head is full of chatter and noise, you need to refill in a quite room. You must connect with who you are. How are you going to know your talents, If you are afraid of your own thoughts, spark and taste? How are you going to know your purpose, if you keep running away from yourself and scrolling your life away on Facebook? Your higher self loves solace and you must find solace in solitude.

 Spend some of your time alone, it’s a good thing. You’ll develop the ability to love yourself more. To know yourself more. To understand yourself better. You need to listen to the internal dialogue between you and you. Listen to your soul and ask yourself what are you passionate about. What do you really want. Not what your teachers. your parents. your friends. your rich aunt think is good for you. What you need for your Life. Think of your childhood dream’s, I know plans change but that fire is still there. Trust me. 

Know your purpose and live an absolutely driven life and touch someone’s life with your pen. art. song. dance. dress. etc. You deserve to live a fulfilling life. A life of passion. purpose and mission. Yes I mean you. Separate yourself from society and follow your destiny. I don’t mean leave your Kasi, but just stick out and do you. When you start to stand out, people will begin to get the butthurt and get angry at you. Some will even begin to hate you. Naturally when you start to make progress, people will hate you. Don’t worry about that just do you, everyone’s taken.

People will hate you for wanting to be better in life because they can’t judge Good from Evil. Paradoxically they’ll never hate you for wanting to be useless, normal, mediocre and average. Matter of fact they love you. They love you for being fake as fake people bring you more flowers when you are no more. Stop living for people, you are wasting your time and energy. Rather buy energy drink and increase your energy than waste it on fake people.

It’s time to also listen to your intuition because I know you normally don’t even think a second to turn that voice on. Remember you felt that voice your entire life. You don’t need me to come and tell you, but that voice is there. We all have that voice. There’s a voice guiding you through life, if the only voice you hear is yourself it means you are wrong. There’s a voice guiding you to live a meaningful life. Unfortunately we have been conditioned to silence that voice, the Government knows all, they say.  

Take control of your life, remember you only have control over two things in this world your actions and thoughts. You only have control over your tiny world that is in your room. Do you believe change is going to come from outside? What is to come is created in you and only you. No one Has control over your life, in fact we all believe someone is in control. No one is coming to change you. No one is coming to save you, I’m sorry. Your beloved life is yours alone and alone to fix.

When your higher self speaks, listen because It speaks demandingly. Listen to the wisdom of your own soul. Your own voice. Your own higher self. It’s time now. It’s time now.