Hello guys, it’s me again Ndondo1890 Gojolo. I’m back.  Now I’m going to give you some free advice and tips for you. Don’t forget to like and comment.

1. Stay away from people who undermine you.

You might not have everything you want in the world but one day you will have if you have the right friends who don’t undermine you!

2. Stay away from negative people/friends.

Bad friends might want you to do bad things always and stop you from doing good things. So babes, stay away from bad friends because you’ll get in big trouble! So stay away from them.

3. Stick with people who make you smile.

Babes, smilling is a part of happiness so nobody wants to be sad for the rest of their lives! Everybody deserves a good life and happiness and stick with people who make you happy and smile. Now that’s a good sign!

4. Don’t mind people who talk behind your back.

They are not good people you know. Ignore people who talk behind your back and tell him/her to stop or report this to your parents or someone you trust fast. They are just jealous because you have what they don’t have, babes!

5. It’s okay not to be okay.

It’s okay not to be okay dude. Don’t pretend to be happy while you’re not, babes. You have to talk about what’s wrong with someone you trust or a friend. Always smile for good reason