Dear friend

I know job adverts no longer excite you and at times you don’t even bother to apply because you are seldom invited for interviews and when you do get an invitation you get ghosted. I know your email inbox is full of rejection letters that often ruin your day. I know you have become the talk of the town “uthi ufundile but uhleli” and i know of your enemies whose smiles stem from your downfall. I know you feel shameful my friend.

Look, friend. I know and understand your pain. I know how it feels like to be without data when you want to apply online. I know the pain of failing to apply for a certain job because you don’t have a mere R2 to make a copy let alone affording the A4 envelope. I know you have been told a thousand times not to give up but it’s just too hard not to…

Yes I know you’ve heard “don’t give up” too many times that they don’t even have a meaning anymore but you’ll hear it from me for literally the 100th time DO NOT GIVE UP! You know why? Because you will make it and the only way to succeed is not giving up. It doesn’t matter if you have been unemployed for more than two or ten years what I know is, when your time comes, there will be a way. In Exodus 14 v 22, God made a way for Israelites where there was no way, what makes you think God can fail now to turn things around? God never fails friend.

DO NOT GIVE UP! keep applying, keep praying, phahla if you have to just don’t give up friend. Your turn might just be 2 weeks or 2 hours away.