I am Shakoor Lucas a educated , independent young man trying to be the best version of myself.

My hometown is Heideveld, I grew up in Heideveld still living here with my mother, grandmother, great grandmother and four adorable sisters Lutfiah, Ibtishaam, Bilquees & Zayaan. And my other amazing family members.

I am about to begin with my story about my life and the changes that happened , but before I begin I just want to say thank you to my mother Wafadiah grandmother Hudah & great grandmother Evelyn who taught me & my sister’s to love, respect and honour others around us. My great grandmother Evelyn taught me & my sisters to own the ground we walk on and never let anyone walk over us.

I grew up in many situations good & bad. Waking up every morning for school although I still felt sleepy in the morning but school is my happy place and will always be my happy place. I came across many good & bad people in my life even until today. I know I have made many mistakes in my life and it felt like I’m being punished physically for that mistakes, but under all that struggle I told myself that this too shall pass and that their is tomorrow.

One day I escaped that burning forest. I met this incredible teacher at our school Mrs F. Piquer , who made me see the view of the world in a different way. Who pushes me to push myself to reach the stars. Who made me understand that we are all warriors in the battle of life.

My ambition is to study very hard and get a good occupation. Open huge projects in my community and employ all the unemployed people.

Have the wife of my dreams who will work with me, not for me, who will be the home of my heart, who will share the good & bad times with me, who will accept me for me. Have children give them the things I never had. During my spare time, to play with them share my stories with them. Teach them about life so that they can grow up wisely. Have a healthy relationship with my family that is filled with love. Be a role model.

That is my ambition…

Within yourself…

I read a poem by Langston Hughes that inspired & motivated me. My message to you is to hold fast to your dreams. Remember these words. What we become depends on what we overcome. That is my message to you reading here.

I hope this book brought you a message and I hope that what I wrote here inspired you to do the same.