I must be that one person in the world to have a miserable love life.

From loving someone to being rejected than dating another and than being dumbed within a month of dating.

Let me start with who I thought was my first love.

I started crushing on this one guy in a pretty young age, let’s just call him Andrew. Andrew was a sweet person and my best friend, yes, I know what you’re thinking, how could I have had a crush on my best friend, I just did and I was young.

But, unfortunately for me, Andrew had a crush on my friend, let’s just call her Tina. Tina was sweet and kind but had no interest in Andrew. I decided to be a good friend and support Andrew in his crush for Tina.

The next year, Tina was transferred to another school and Andrew started developing “feelings” for me but I shook them off, not that it matters and he was also transferred into another school and we lost touch.

After some months after Andrew got transferred, I started hanging out with another guy, let’s call him Mpho. I started developing feelings for Mpho and my feelings for him lasted for 2 and a half years until Mpho got a new girlfriend. I was so devastated.

Time heals all wounds, right. Mpho and I still became good friends.

Last year at my aunt’s wedding, I meet this really, really, really, really cute guy, Let’s call him Neo. Neo was so cute and he made my heart skip a beat. I tried keeping in touch with him, but destiny had other plans, I lost feelings for him, but I thought I got something better.

This school year started off alright. I was doing well, except for I had fallen for this particular guy, we’re naming him Lwande. Lwande was my perfect dream boat, and best part, he liked me too. He would always look at me in class and I couldn’t help myself but look at his adorable smile.

I wasn’t gonna ask him out because Gwababa is a serious disease. So, he first approached me in the early February, asking me to research the first computer virus in the Philippines. Me being the curious person I am, I researched it and found out that it was literally named the “I Love You Virus”.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw this but I didn’t wanna believe this so I shook it off.

14 February, the day of love. I went to school looking, according to what other people said, beautiful. I was wearing a navy blue identity dress with white and black sneakers.

That day he finally approached me, he said that after class he wants to speak with me and I did go to him. He saw that I’m a very busy person so I gave him my numbers. He was over the moon and Mpho came and ruined the moment.


Later that night, Lwande texted me. I was so happy and I was over the moon when he told me that he loves me. We texted, confessing our feelings from 8pm til 10pm.

The next day, I was sitting with one of my friends and he came and sat in front of me. My friend popped the question if we were dating and me and Lwande went back and forth about that until I finally agreed to being his girlfriend.

Since the school couldn’t celebrate Valentines day on the 14, we celebrated it on the 16 and boy did I look good even though I do say so myself. I spent the whole day with him and we were so happy.

From there onwards, we texted everyday and he would take me home from school.

Fast forward a bit.


The day was my birthday and I got the most beautiful birthday paragraph from my “boyfriend” and at the end of the day, I finally gave him something he’s been waiting for, a kiss. He was shocked and over the moon and I kissed him again. Everything that day felt right, but little did I know that everything would go wrong.

*Week after my birthday *

School was dismissed early and I had to wait for my sister. I wasn’t feeling well and very weak that day. When I was talking to Lwande, Mpho said he needed me urgently and pulled me away from Lwande. Lwande called out to me and I said I would be back as soon as I can.

As soon as I was done with Mpho, I went to Lwande, but I couldn’t find him. I waited for him until I couldn’t wait anymore. He never came to me.

Via text we had an argument, he told me how mad he was and how I disappointed him. I putted my pride aside and apologized for something that I didn’t even do wrong. When we were done arguing, I started hyperventilating and told him that I’ll talk to him the next day.

The brother blocked my number.

The next day, he was ghosting me. I’ve never been ghosted and I felt as if I meant nothing to him. I apologized to him, face to face but the ghosting continued.

* Friday of that week*

I had finally accepted that he doesn’t care for me and I should move on. I got a text from him, saying he has been told what I was going through and he told me that he forgives me. Wow, am I that stupid to get back together with him.

Answer: Yes I am.

We started connecting again but not all love stories end in a happy ending.

* Monday of the week of good friday*

He broke up with me, over the phone, via text. He said that he realized he was not ready to be in a relationship. He assured me that he still loves me, but let’s all be honest, he found someone else, didn’t he.

I was crushed and destroyed, I felt my heart breaking into a million pieces.

* April, first week*

I saw Lwande for the very first time after the break up and I was enraged. I felt like punching his stupid face into next week but I controlled myself. We behave like strangers, we don’t talk to each other or even greet one another.

I’m still in the process of healing, but I need closure on why he actually broke up with me.

That’s my pathetic love story, thanks for listening and reading.