I’m a 13-year-old girl. I’m also in high school. I’m a teen now and I’m going through the adolescent stage of life. I might be young but I’ve had crushes a lot. They didn’t last long that’s what a crush is right momentary attraction. But l got into high school in 2020. I had many friend’s l am an extrovert so people normally like me (l think).

A lot of my friends were and still are boys. I find they way more honest and sincere than some girls l was friends with. They were my brother’s.

Not knowing l would fall for one of them. Me and him had so much in common. I call him Mr 85 cause we are always in-class competition and l beat him 85 to 83.

We were so close. But we can’t be together because he now has a girlfriend. I just started to confide in him. But it’s partly my fault cause l never told him l had feelings for him. He really cares about me. And l would never stop being friends with him cause he’s a very unique soul.


And l will always love him just not like before