My Name is Nobuhle Saule am 19 years old I am the second born to my mom. I am a hard worker, kind am always happy, a loving person also a bubbly person

On December 2014 at 12:30 I lost my lovely person which is my mom she was a loving person like me but she wanted people to respect her so that she can respect you back, she was always there for me and my siblings but after she passed on my life has changed, things have changed. In my life, I have never been treated like this people always treat me like the trash they see me and my siblings as a person who doesn’t have anybody to protect us life was miserable 
We had no choice, we didn’t choose this life for ourselves, we didn’t choose this family for ourselves, things changed we have no choice my once said we have no choice we have to send your little brother to your auntie to stay with your auntie because we don’t have enough time to look after him because you are still schooling. But know that you can visit him anytime and you must let me know when you are going to visit your brother that was my father he was always concerned about me and my siblings he always try his best to be a good parent to us