About Mariam

Mariam was a little girl who loved to make jokes and Laugh. Making people laugh gave joy. She had a twin sister named Mariah. Mariah was not like Mariam she was always serious and boring she was the indoor sister and was a very picky eater, the only person who could make her laugh was Mariam. (you know the saying opposites attract). She lives with her mom Amirah and dad Jack.

why is Mariam sad

Her twin sister Mariah and she were close but Mariah had to live with grandma Amara (MA mara) and grandpa Khalied (pa Halied) because Mariah had to attend a special school in the United States while Mariam was northwest at her boring school. She was so sad she laughed again.

It’s been a year and Mariam has never forgotten her……….

Her mom Amirah and dad Jack told her they were taking her to a circus to go watch the new circus that came. (what her dad and mom were actually planning something else) soon as they got there they said that they were going to get their VIP tickets by Uncle John, they told her to go check out the roller coaster she got on when some girl sat down next to her soon the ride started the ride went up when suddenly the girl tapped her on her shoulder the girl took off her hoodie and Mariam shouted “ahhhhhhhaaaaahhh” thee ride flew down as she shouted the girl was hairy monster suddenly the ride stopped and they were sTuck, Mariam then panicked when she heard a familiar laugh A-ha A-ha “pig snout” A-ha A-ha the girl lifted up her mask and it was Mariah!!!!! Suddenly Mariam giggled and she laughed. Their two 12-year-old girls were laughing while the other passengers on the ride were panicking, the people on the ground were scared and worried. Their mom and dad were even panicking “this was not a part of our plan!!”.

Soon they realized the ride was not moving and they obviously panicked (I know what you’re thinking they are pretty dumb to realize only now)soon firefighter’s saved them. They came laughing at their parents and their parents said “Mariah will not be going to the special school anymore ” after the show Mariam asked “Mariah why she go to the special school ” Mariah answered “that she is autistic and need to go to a special school, but now there’s a new school opening near your school” but it doesn’t matter cause now they are together.

Love your siblings no matter how annoying they can be (trust me once you are far away from them you’ll miss them)