I never thought I’ll ever face such things in my life, I thought everything will just be fine and I’ll live my life like a fairy tale, but it didn’t really work out like that. Everything is just a mess now; nothing is going as planned. When I try to fix things, I just make them worse.
Nothing is ever easy; people will only be nice to you when you have money but once you are broke, they’ll leave you like when leaves leave a tree during autumn. It’s not easy and it’ll never be easy, so you must always fight; no matter what you have to fight until you get what you want.
Always remember that when life throws lemons at you don’t think negatively, just take the lemons and make lemonade. Always be positive and do what works for you, be happy all the time.

I know sometimes is hard to be happy because of what you are going through but just think positively, everything will be fine. You know I once thought that maybe I’m the only one who was going through tough times but when I sat down with a few people and heard them explaining their situations I knew that what I’m going through is nothing compared to what they are going through. Everyone has their own battles, no matter how rich or poor everyone is going through something; and always know that you are not alone. Life is challenging for everyone, no one is special. Yes, I know there are some people who look like they are just stressed free and enjoy their life but once you look at life from their perspective, you’ll see that the same people you admire also admire you because they also think that you enjoy life, so never think you going through life alone. We are on earth not on a fairytale world or planet, so people will do wrong by you; they’ll piss you off but what you should know is that they are human beings, and as humans, we make mistakes and learn from them. So, if someone ever did wrong by you don’t hold a grudge against that person, understand that no one is perfect. Life is truly never easy nor fair, you know I once heard a story about this kid who graduated from university, and exactly the next day he passed away. I became speechless when I heard this story because he worked so hard to graduate but yet immediately he graduated he passed away; no one really knows when they’ll leave so live every day like is your last. Always know that life is short for worries and stresses, just make the best of it and remember to do good by others because when you are gone the only things that will be left are memories.