Phopho and Nako have been friends for quite a long time now. They shared everything together and did everything together. One morning Nako decided to text Phopho to ask her to go with her to McDonald’s, Phopho agreed as going out to restaurants with her friend had already become a norm for them. So this McDonald’s date was to happen later today when they were both done with the house chores. So the girls both worked as fast as they could as they couldn’t wait to see each other again, you would swear they had not seen each other in years. So a few hours later, they both headed out of their houses to meet at the mall in 20 minutes, when Nako got there, Phopho had already been waiting outside the door.
Phopho and Nako got inside McDonald’s and placed orders, similar orders, one already knew what the other would like because they liked the same meals. They have been making jokes since they started eating, but after the last laugh, there was an awkward silence. Nako broke it, but only to make matters worse – “Phopho, there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you. I love you, and not just as a friend . I want to be with you”, Phopho burst into laughter and only to realise after seeing Nako’s facial expression that she was not joking ” But ..But you know I’m straight, and I wouldn’t date you either way, you’re my best friend!” She said, just right after those words came out of her mouth, Nako ran out of the restaurant in tears , Phopho tried to run after her but she couldn’t catch up with her. As soon as Phopho got home she texted Nako , ” I don’t think we can continue being friends after this, I think you need some time to get over whatever feelings you have for me, I don’t mean to hurt you but you know I love you as my friend Nako.” The text read. Nako did not answer to this text.
The following morning, the neighbours were awakened by a loud scream coming from Nako’s house. All the concerned neighbors went to check and unfortunately, they found Nako laying down next to his wardrobe lifeless, he had written a letter that was dedicated to Phopho, one of the young neighbors called Phopho to come over as she could not break the news to her over the phone. Phopho arrived and when she got there, a letter was awaiting her. “You know I won’t be able to get over ‘whatever feelings I have for you’ because these are not just feelings, I love you Phopho. You complete me, I have never had someone in my life that makes me feel loved as much as you do. You gave me a reason to wake up everyday, to be happy and to live and now that you said our Friendship was over, I don’t see any reason in waking up to live again, I have lost you, my reason to live, I have no one now. We were supposed to be together forever, you were my ride or die. It wasn’t meant to end like this” read Phopho with tears that could make up an ocean in her eyes.