In the darkness night above

One o’clock under the sleepless night, my ears are filled with different sounds, from the smallest frequency to the high. With my imagination coupled with the sounds, I hear the flow of the river some 500 metres below, an owl on top of the electricity pole singing a tune and silent winds gusting, singing. Under the darkness of the night above.
I wonder how my dearest is sleeping in such a quiet and peaceful night above? I wonder did she say her last prayers to he who created all?
Oh, how I miss her brightness that fills the core of my being. I find myself in need of her ever energising essence, that deep polarity that awakens my creativity. Just on that thought, mental blocks have diseased my mental aptitude of late. 

Could she be the cause?

I miss her more than I have realised, how can I be at peace now? How can I find sleep? Poverty is truly evil. What I long for most, I can’t have. What I deeply want to see, talk to and smile to. It’s out of reach. 
I hope she still dreams about me, thinks about me and prays for me. That’s the only hope that gives me the courage to face tomorrow, although death is my fate. I shall fight to see my dearest beforehand.