Here I am today writing poems and short pieces for everyone around the world. And it seems like everyone is enjoying my work, I can see the way people interact through my poems.
To be honest I never thought that I will write something that could make everyone happy when they read my pieces. But they do like my works and my poems put smiles on everyone who committed to reading it.
The way they support my writing I think those fans give me the power to write more stories because it keeps them busy when they start reading it, right now I have already how to make others happy I think what I’m doing to my fans is phenomenal and everyone like it.

I like to thank FunDza Literacy Trust for giving me the opportunity to publish my work for free. Now I am a great writer because of this platform and I’m very proud of it. I think in the next five years I am going to be famous I want to write more books that will help everyone to learn everything about us as young children’s come across when we grow up. I hope everyone will enjoy my books because they will be talking about reality.

I like to encourage everyone that reading books is very important. You cannot be a great writer without the love of reading books. Remember when you read a book you enter into a new world you even forget everything that’s bothered you.