Matric is a school year like no other. It is the most busy, stressful and important year to all matriculants. It is the year that decides whether you’ll have a job or a career.

Most of the time, matriculants feel tired and overwhelmed. A lot of people suddenly pay attention to their studies and their perfomances , not actually noticing that their are futher stressing the children. Matriculants have so busy schedules and homeworks, that they sometimes can’t even have fun. It is all part of the hard journey to success.

This makes obtaining distinctions in matric impossible; but as they say, It always seems impossible until its done. Itis possible.

Here are some tips that can possibly help you:

  • Talk your mind out: If there is someone who makes you feel uncomfortable while studying or puts alot of pressure on you , tell them . They’ll never know unless you tell them.
  • Balnce your studies: Do not only focus on the subjects you’re weak at. Put a a lot of effort in them but don’t forget to focus on the ones you’re good at.These are the subjects you are more likely to obtain “A’s” in. Work on them like you work on the ones you find trouble in.
  • Have a time schedule: Start your projects and homework on the day it was given to you . In that way you will have enough time to properly plan your final work and submit your work in time. Doing project or homework in the morning or the day before or copying from others can lead to low grades and you won’t even know where your mistakes are. Teach yourself to be organised at an early stage. Imagine running into an interview with your shirt in your hand or your shoes in your hands, how impressive.
  • Make time to rest: Your health comes before your wealth.Make sure that you stay hydrated at all times and rest after a long school day. DO NOT OVERWORK YOURSELF. You are human not a robot. Your body needs to rest in order to operate in a oderly manner.
  • Practise makes perfect: I know you’ve heard this over a thousand times. Please don’t ignore it. Revise your work after school if you have time. For Maths or Maths Lit redo the actvities you found hard until you get them. Teachers are paid to get information in your heard so if there is something you don’t understand ask them . And let me tell you something teacher love challanging learners because the test their abilities through answering their hard question. If you fear that others may laugh because they’ll think your questions are silly, thats okay, ask the teacher in private.Do not exit a teachers class if there is anything in their subject you don’t understand.
  • Make this year your me, myself and I year:Focus on you and what makes you happy. Let all your decision put you first because they will benefit you or affect you. Make your 2022 matric year you Twenty twenty YOU.
  • Treat this like any other year: Donot let people make you feel like you matric year is different from other years Treat it as the year you were in grade 7. It is not the end of the journey, just the end of a step in the journey.
  • Figure out what helps you study better: Some people are better off on their own, some with others , some while listening to music, some in a quiet place, some while walking around and some while seated in one place. Find what woks for you best and use it to your advantage. Have a supportive circle. Being in a circle of people who study like you is also useful as you can share tasks and discuss it until you all get it.

Good luck and enjoy your last year in high school. And remmenber don’t work hard, work smart.I wish you good health and all the best.