I was only 18 when I fell in love with him. I had known him before and he used to come by my house because he was in the same school as my cousins. When my family and relatives found out that we were dating they were not happy because they knew him as rra ntwa(bull fighter) and le tagwa(drunkard) they warned me so many times but I didn’t listen. He was very sweet and charming he took good care of me and he loved me and I love him too, he would bring me lunch and make sure I was okay all the time.


A year into our relationship things started to change but I ignored the signs and thought gore Ga batle nix ka nna. I remember when he first hit me I was at his house and re chitse, my phone rang when I was to pick up the call it was dropped I checked who it was. Kante it’s my uncle I called him back it went to voicemail that’s when the fight started gore ke Banna baka… He hit me so badly he even bit me on my body, he never wanted to touch my face.


He continued abusing me and I didn’t tell anybody I had bites scars on my body, I had a scar on my hairline. I remember when we first found out that I was pregnant I was so terrified and angry at myself ke ipotsa. How did this happen le gone ka this Guy? The day I found I was pregnant o nshapile black and blue his parents were fearing for my life I had to use the window just to escape, I was barefoot at 3am running for my life. He caught up to me and dragged me on my stomach towards his house. I was thinking this thing “yeah neh today ke shwele.” His mother picked me up because I was so weak and bleeding, his mother told me gore if you don’t leave this dog he’ll definitely kill you.


He took me to the hospital because I had abdominal pains and the Doctor told us I was pregnant, my world just crashed in on me


I was four months pregnant when his abuse started again I finally stood up to him and fought back. I used every object I could find to defend myself, I was telling myself that I am killing him today believe me I was going to kill him until his mother came and tried to stop the fight. I finally gained the strength to call my family and inform them about the fight they came with the police and he was nowhere to be found. All family and the police hunted him for days but he was hiding.


Two months after his hiding he came back and bought the baby stuff and foolish me I fell in his trap again but it was not because of love but it was fear. I knew that one day he’d kill me because that’s what he always said. The baby was born and he loved his son so much, he did everything for him. Our son was three when we broke up I was much wiser and matured. I had to live for my son then I’ll to break up with my baby Daddy and move on with my life, because I could smell and see my death. I moved on with my life but he didn’t make my life any easier, he would stalk me beat up whoever I was dating. He pointed a gun on me a few times. He would chase me down the streets throwing stones at me but I didn’t go back to him. Enough was Enough…


I fought him with everything I got I was ready to go to prison because I knew if I don’t kill him first then he’ll kill me instead. He saw how strong I became and how courageous I was and that scared him a little bit so he stopped his abuse for a while. We started co-parenting but the phones calls never stopped.


It was Monday midday when I received his call saying he’s coming over to see ngwana and I agreed because he was calm and respectful on the call. He talked with our son on the phone and told him he’s coming, my son was four years that time. We waited for him. I called him back he didn’t answer.


I remember the shock on my Mom’s face that day when she woke me on the sofa and said, “your Aunt called, a re Papa ngwana Gago o tlhokafetse.”

I said, “Wait What?!!”


She said, “Yes. He was stabbed just few houses away from my house and he didn’t make it.”


My son was outside when everyone was gathered to where the incident took place. I told my brother to stay in the house with him, while my mother and I went to where the incident took place.


I saw his lifeless body facing down on the ground, foam was coming out of his mouth and I knew gore yeah he’s gone. I was heartbroken. The only thing it’s could think of was my son, how was going to explain this to him – he was only four!.


Somehow my life was saved from his clutches. His death saved my life!