Ever wondered why certain things don’t work out for you? How you love this guy so much but he doesn’t even trust you? Ever felt like you were alone while you are with that person? Felt like you’re more invested than him?

Ever been up all night crying for the bare minimum? Wanted to just be loved even if it’s not 100%?

That’s deep. Having to beg God to just let the person communicate with you and tell you that they love you but they’re emotionally unavailable. Have you ever begged someone to just treat you right? Ever felt like the person doesn’t see how hurt you are just because you’re always crying when you talk about it?

Ever seen them cheating on you but the level of love you have for him does not allow you to leave him or end the relationship?

That’s where you should have realised that you’ve done your part. You tried to change yourself just to accommodate him but it was never enough. One can only do things to a certain extent and then quit. Let go.