Jesus, I love you. Thank you for lifting my spirit from the grave. Thank you for your light that shines bright inside my heart Jesus I’m blessed to have you in my life Through difficult times you have been my only support system I had no one but you were faithful to be there for me I’m lucky to have you What have I done to deserve you as my friend I have never had a true friend In these days loyal friends are hard to find Lord you are precious to me My heart overjoys when I feel your presence inside me, Lord, I love you with all my heart
No one is greater than you in my eyes You’re the best I have in this life I’m not ready to give you up You loved me first now I also love you You gave me new life now I will live for you forever I trust you alone in this cruel world Thank you for making me a better version of myself May I live to please you at all times I love you, I love you, I love you
You are my master And I submit to your authority I’m ready to obey your word as a servant I’m ready, use my life I’ll rather lose it to you than to lose you You are dear to me What is life without you master?
Thank you for everything you have done for me since I have started this journey of faith You are the best. You’re excellent, Your Excellency Your Highness Give me a devoted heart to you Give me a loyal heart to your truth Give me a heart that accepts nothing but your truth alone
Times are hard but with you, by my side, I fear nothing Overwhelming victory is mine in Your name Help me to stay true to you, may I never be contaminated by the things of this world Keep my heart pure from the love of money But fill my heart with your overwhelming love towards you I want nothing but you I need nothing except you, my love Create an intimate bond between you and me that will never break
Thank you for clothing me and feeding me Thank you for your counsel Thank you for tolerating me when I was being difficult towards you Don’t let anything steal my heart away from you, my love Help me where I’m still lacking being devoted to you Lord Indeed Your love is true Thank you for making me taste your love, it tastes real good Thank you for filling me with new hope
Has God been good to you?