Pray to God without fitting him into your schedule. We are always ready to go to school or work, shopping or whatever it is but we are never ready to pray. Even if we pray, we pray for 5 minutes. We give more time to our work and school than God. We serve our teachers and bosses like they God, but are we serving the one true God? We fear people and not God. It’s time for people to change their mindsets. God made us for a reason so that we save souls. In the years you lived, how many souls did you win? Some will say one or two and some none. Right now we are in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, how many people’s souls did you pray for? This is a global thing, people are focusing on making money, wearing a mask and sanitizing but they forgot their roots, they forgot their creator, the reason they are here. It’s time to go back to Christ and turn a deaf ear to the devil and the world.