Tell me why would you envy the owner of the Germany car parked across the street? The owner that disguise under the expensive Make up and hair extensions? Tell me why don’t you think she has problems it is because she seems happy or it is because she reeks of money? What makes you think she sleeps peacefully at night and has it all? I’m talking about the lady you saw just a minute ago parking her car and catwalking to that building over there while you standing there thinking you the only one with burdens? The only one that has problems that keeps you awake in the early hours of the night? it is because you standing there watching the “rich version” of yourself or it is because of pure envy tell me which one it is please I beg. What makes you think she likes what she sees when looking at the mirror in her ensuite bedroom Huh what it is that makes you think she’s perfect in every way that got you envying on her this much? Do not envy anything you don’t know about ever in your life I mean she could be swimming in debts for driving that car no let’s not think of the worst she could be lonely and very sad and probably also envying on you while standing there with your daughter holding hands so you could cross to catch a taxi going back home. In fact forget i said anything on envying anyone even the dead I mean why would you envy the deceased they very one that maybe just maybe hoped to hold his sons hand before they could cross the street to the park? Let’s try to stop envying anything you don’t know of