My life had become a perpetual storm.
I used to kid around all the time because laughter drowned out the sound of my constantly rumbling grey scaled clouds.
I used to love rainy days, for its darkened sky, weighted clouds, and gloomy overtone, because looking up at it was like seeing my reflection finally correctly reflected, regular mirrors felt like a sham, showing something whole on the outside but on the inside I was broken. Heart darkened with hurt, soul saturated with mournful tears, see my heart, at its conception, bore witness to the death of it’s lover.

The grave stone reads: “RIP. Herein lies Spirit. Beloved image of God.”

So yes, I could argue that I was born this way, and thus began my quest, another descendant begotten of fallen Adam and Eve, born in the image of sin.
Seed of slithering snake, I believed the hiss of serpent Steve, little did I know, that Steve didn’t want me to see, every ssshe should have been He and what I had been looking for in her was always Him.
When I found Him, I was born again, now a different way, God’s grace brought me from flesh to faith, believing in Jesus Christ, and that He died on a cross and rose again, in me His Spirit now resides, as proof that I am His and He is mine.

Listen, there was no avoiding the cross, the cross was where He had always been, but I got lost at the crossroads on my way to Him, beguiled by Satans wiles, yet still ever so faithfully, in spite of all that I had done, not once wavering, He stood waiting at the scene of the shame He took for me, on blood stained beams, where He hung high and got stretched wide for me, not even death, would He let part me from Him.
At the cross my storm found its peace be still, at the cross my clouds were parted like the red sea, and for the first time, my eyes looked upon Light, and my heart stepped out to bask in the warmth of God’s Son.

Let me explain all of the above, the cross isn’t just about death, the cross bares witness to my betrothal, and at the foot of it, my unfaithfulness rings loud, before it I stood guilty, a run away bride, with my head hung low, feeling unworthy, but the beauty of our groom is that He reached out and grabbed me, with His hole filled hands, drawing me into Him, so hastily, as though all this time He had been yearning for me, and in His arms I fit so perfectly that my soul whispered “there He is”.

One flesh with us, is what The Word became, descending from heaven, He walked and dwelt amongst us, with foretelling eyes, seeing our despise of Him, past, present, and still to come, though despite all this, He committed to making us His bride, and the natural reflection of this eternal Spiritual union, is when man and woman become one flesh as husband and wife.

Saying this is not to offend you, I will never purposefully intend to, all I seek to do is speak of God’s glorious design that He’s mercifully opened up my eyes to.
I used to be you and if He could love a wretched wrench like me, into the Daughter of a King, trust He can turn your sorrow into gladness, but at the foot of the cross is where you’ll find His rest, it’s up to you to choose whether you’re willing to give up your life to gain it?