Hi, there my name is Hailey and I am here to tell you a story about how I messed up my life by trying to be who I was not.
I tried taking charge of my life in a positive way, I tried to avoid taking wrong paths leading to problems, I wanted to be successful but “what did I do! ” I never considered or thought what would happen and now my decisions and choices are now under my control. I have to accept the responsibility for the outcome.
Well, the story starts like this, It was October the 14th when my mother and father got a divorce and had to go separate ways, and I had to live with mom but sometimes I would visit dad although dad was always grumpy when he saw me. 2years later after the separation my mother died, she died because of cancer she had. It was a very difficult moment and stage for me to go through because my mother and I had an unbreakable bond she was like a best friend to me. After the funeral and mourning, I had to go live with my father and his new wife, living with them made me feel like I didn’t fit in they never had time for me or even asked how I was doing or coping. So because of that, it made me look for happiness elsewhere it made me look for something that can keep me smiling without noticing that I have none.
  • What do you think will happen?