I appreciate those people who are kind to me. There are times where I feel like falling apart and I’m slowly losing my sanity. But I appreciate those people out there who try their best to be gentle to me because they care so much and they always value what I feel. I know sometimes it’s hard to understand me. I sometimes feel so terrible about myself and I feel so worthless every time. But I am thankful to those who always remind me how important I am. I appreciate those who always remind me that I am enough and those who give me random compliments just make me realise that I am a worthy person.

I appreciate people who treat me well. I’ve already been treated poorly and I’ve experienced so much heartbreak from different people. Sometimes, some people are cruel out there. And that is why every kindness that I witness in my life matters a lot to me. When I’m sad and I feel like giving up on myself, and then someone out there would be kind to me and appreciate my existence, it makes a lot of difference. It comforts me, knowing that somebody out there cares for me genuinely. Kindness always saves someone who is silently suffering. Little did everybody know, a simple act of kindness can make someone feel better.

I appreciate those people who are kind to me. I’ve been through a lot in life and I feel like being treated with kindness makes my life more bearable.