Now you are going to write a scene of your own involving a conflict between two (or more) individuals. Remember to set the scene and to write dialogue that shows what kind of people the characters are. Actions can sometimes speak louder than words, so they can do things that show how they feel, as well as say things.

Eg. “I don’t want you going out tonight…” Vusi lectured.

Busi slammed her fist on the table and glared at him.

“Aren’t you going to say anything?” he hissed.

“Not to you…” she answered.

(She doesn’t need to say anything, slamming her fist shows us how she feels about his order)

So now create two characters – perhaps using one of your characters you described in your character sketch.

Decide where you are going to set the scene.

Decide what the conflict is about. Eg. Dirty dishes, someone cheating, a parent and child arguing about rules …

Include a small bit of description of the setting so the reader can picture where the action/dialogue takes place.

The conflict can be resolved or it can be left at the end of the piece. Eg. a parent and child can reach an agreement, or one can just storm out…

Give your piece a title eg Dirty Dishes
Word limit: 300 – 400

Remember to use the notes on how to punctuate direct speech that you will find here.