Siphiwe it’s the year 2004

and there’s a museum called

‘products of the Old South Africa’

in it hangs the Freedom Charter

which speaks of The Brotherhood

and a dream for all human beings

in those days of racism, sexism

and every kind of oppression

they did things like that –

put golden promises onto pieces of paper

which yellowed from age and lack of use

Allan once our leaders sat with the crocodile

and came away with their lives

more than that

they said they came away

with a way for all the people

they came back with a constitution and a bill of rights

and programs for making the land competitive

and they said:

don’t make demands

don’t march

ask: what can I contribute?

what can I do for myself?

then our leaders went back to the crocodile

government is slow very slow

chewing with the crocodile

Ike jy vat en sit

no money for lobola

mixed marriage is what you call

equality before the law?

mudryseni school dungaree

in a Soweto taxi rank

children born HIV positive

ndi saga dza nnyi

work and security

read the robot

head over tail

vhukalanga ndi ngafhi


urine marks

white pepper survival

at large

standing alone

shakarha mina

where is your beacon

big willie tumbles

hamburger for ejaculation

Siphiwe yes, at kliptown

you carried our ivory dreams

freedom charter

like a praying mantis

you swallowed your victims

Ike: Uhuru!
Allan: Tokologo!
Siphiwe: Freedom!
Allan + Siphiwe: Eletu! Eletu! Eletu!
Siphiwe + Ike: Tendani! Tendani! Tendani!
Ike + Allan: Chanter! Chanter! Chanter!