The next day at school. Nozi and Joseph are in the corridor.

NOZI: Can’t stay away from the weirdo, can you?

JOSEPH: Stop that, you’re not a weirdo. A little shy, maybe, but not a weirdo.

NOZI: You’re gonna get yourself in trouble.

JOSEPH: Trouble, with whom?

NOZI: Your girlfriend – she’s coming right now. See you later.

Nozi turns away but Joseph pulls her back.

LERATO: (flouncing up) Joseph, why didn’t you come to my house yesterday? And why was your phone off?

JOSEPH: Hi, Lerato. I told you, I had soccer practice.

LERATO: The dance is the day after tomorrow. Do you not understand that!

JOSEPH: No need to shout! Geez!

LERATO: Look, the dance is coming up and you won’t mess this up for me.

JOSEPH: For you? I see. Don’t worry, I don’t intend to mess anything up. Nozi and I will have a splendid time.

LERATO: Nozi? Who’s that?

JOSEPH: Oh, I’m sorry, where are my manners. Nozi, this is Lerato – an old friend. Lerato, this is Nozi, my date for the dance.

LERATO: Your date? Don’t be silly.

JOSEPH: Us freaks and weirdos need to stick together. We don’t belong to the class of stars like you.

LERATO: Joseph, are you messing with me? Is this a prank? You already agreed to go to the dance with me.

JOSEPH: Not any more.

LERATO: You will regret this, Joseph Jansen. You’ll be sorry. Nobody dumps me and gets away with it.

JOSEPH: Since I never agreed to be your boyfriend, I didn’t actually dump you.

LERATO: And you, you freak – you ugly weirdo with ugly glasses – you’ll pay for this! I’ll make your life a living hell.

Lerato turns and walks away but bumps into Athi and trips and falls down.

ATHI: I’m so sorry, but you turned right into—

LERATO: Don’t touch me. Don’t talk to me!

ATHI: Oh, I’m sorry. I wouldn’t wanna contaminate your air.

Athi leaves Lerato on the ground, fuming.

JOSEPH: Athi, just the man I’ve been looking for! I want to introduce you properly to my date for the dance. Nozi, this is Athi – my best friend.

NOZI: Um, can I say something now? When did you actually ask me? I’ve never said I’ll go with you. You just expect I’m going to jump at the chance because now you’re the big soccer hero?

JOSEPH: No, I’m sorry, Nozi. Please … please … Nozi, would you like to go to the dance with me, as my date?

ATHI: Please say yes. Save him from falling victim to cold-hearted and rude slay queens.

JOSEPH: Please? I’ve been looking forward to this day for three years now. I’ve always wanted to ask you, really.

NOZI: Well, I have only one thing to say … What the hell took you so long?

Athi and Joseph high-five each other. Joseph is jubilant that Nozi is going with him and that she might even agree to go out with him – as his ‘official’ girlfriend.

Tell us: do you think Joseph and Nozi’s relationship will last?