Amahle is startled awake, clutching at her chest. Terrence hears her scream and rushes to her side.

TERRENCE: It’s OK, you’re OK, just take deep breaths.

Amahle takes deep, steadying breaths.

AMAHLE: I felt as though I was dying, there was a tightness in my chest and then a surge of energy, I think electricity went through my body. It’s hazy but I think I was in a hospital.

TERRENCE: You’re fine now, you’re safe, there is nothing to worry about. Although it seems time isn’t on our side.

AMAHLE: (confused) Terrence, what’s going on? You know something I don’t, I can tell. What’s happening to me?

TERRENCE: (nervously) There isn’t anything going on, trust me.

AMAHLE: I can tell that you’re keeping something from me. Please, just tell me what’s going on. Everything feels so different.

TEERENCE: Nothing is different, believe me, I think maybe you had a bad dream and you’re still reacting to it.

AMAHLE: I don’t know Terrence, I have a bad feeling.

Terrence pulls her into a hug and kisses the top of her head.

TERRENCE: Look, soon everything will make sense. For now, I need you to trust me. Do you think you can do that?

AMAHLE: (smiling) Yeah, I can do that.

TERRENCE: Great! Now, I have a surprise for you downstairs.

When they reach the living room, Amahle finds that Terrence has set up an indoor picnic with flowers everywhere.

AMAHLE: When did you do this? This is so romantic!

TERRENCE: Let’s just say I am a man of many talents. I just wanted to do something special for you.

AMAHLE: This reminds me of the time you set up a picnic for me outside my first apartment.

TERRENCE: Not one of my finest moments.

AMAHLE: I think it was great, I know I enjoyed it.

TERRENCE: That’s because you didn’t get surprised by the sprinklers. I was soaking wet.

AMAHLE: (smirking) I mean, I managed to turn them off and our picnic wasn’t completely ruined. I’d call that a win.

TERRENCE: I’d call spending every day since loving you my win.

AMAHLE: OK, enough of that, what have you prepared for us today?

Terrence takes Amahle’s hand and helps her take a seat on the floor, then joins her.

TERRENCE: Well, I thought chocolate strawberries were perfect for this occasion.

He takes one and feeds her.

AMAHLE: (with her mouth full) I love strawberries and chocolate.

TERRENCE: How about a little whipped cream to go with that?

He aims the whipped cream at her face menacingly.

AMAHLE: (giggling) Don’t you dare, Terrence, stay away from me with that thing!

TERRENCE: What’s a picnic without a food fight? Doesn’t sound like a very good picnic if you ask me!

Amahle picks up a bowl of yogurt and holds it up threateningly.

AMAHLE: I am warning you, Terrence, you’re cleaning the mess if you start a food fight.

Terrence sprays Amahle with whipped cream, and she retaliates with a splash of yogurt on his face. They begin throwing anything they can grab at each other. The food fight is in full swing. Amahle finally calls it quits when Terrence starts hurling grapes at her head.

AMAHLE: (laughing) OK, you win!! I yield!

TERRENCE: (laughing) Victory is mine!

He punches the air. Amahle grabs a dish cloth and wipes her face.

AMAHLE: Yeah, and your reward is cleaning up this mess.

Terrence also grabs a cloth to wipe himself.

TERRENCE: Yeah, mess aside, a win is a win in my book. Before I get to cleaning, do you think we can talk for a bit?

AMAHLE: Yeah sure.

They take a seat on the couch and Terrence physically tenses.

TERRENCE: Please, hear me out before you react or get angry. I want us to discuss Linda and the baby.

AMAHLE: (tense) What about that woman and her baby?

TERRENCE: Her baby is my baby too, and I would like for us to discuss making the baby a part of your life.

AMAHLE: My life? It’s your child!

TERRENCE: Think of it this way: the baby is part of me and, in a sense, a piece of me. Should I die one day, he’ll be the only tangible thing left of me.

AMAHLE: (emotional) You’re going to have a boy? It’s funny, until now this whole baby thing seemed far off, slightly detached from me. Now it’s real. You have a baby boy forming inside another woman.

She backs away from him slightly.

TERRENCE: Baby, you need to see this baby as more than just my betrayal. He is part of me, a piece of me you get to keep. When I am gone he will bring you comfort. I need you to at least try to accept him.

AMAHLE: How can you ask that of me?

TERRENCE: I thought you said you forgave me, or was that just the shock from the accident talking?

Amahle is surprised by his response.

AMHLE: Accident? You said I dreamt it, what’s going on, Terrence?

TERRENCE: (anxious) Nothing, I misspoke, it was a dream. I meant to say dream. You need to listen to me, it’s important that he is a part of your life. Promise me you’ll be there for him when I can’t.

AMAHLE: Why are you going on about your son like you’re going to die? Are you dying? Is that why you’ve been acting weird?

TERRENCE: (guilty) That’s not what’s going on here. I just want you to know that should I die, my son could be the piece of me you could hold onto.

AMAHLE: I don’t know…

Just then there is a bright light that glares from underneath the front door. Amahle hears a loud beeping and someone wailing loudly. Then she hears her sister’s voice coming from the other side of the door.

NANDIPHA: (pleading) Please, Amahle, don’t do this, you need to stay with me. You can’t just leave me, please little sis.

Tell us: What would you do in Amahle’s situation?