Fundza is a haven for wordsmiths and enthusiasts of all forms of writing. On World Poetry Day, we recognize the power of poetry to serve as a form of escapism or to evoke our shared humanity by reflecting on the emotions and experiences captured by the poet. This day, recognized by the United Nations, promotes linguistic diversity through poetry and facilitates connections between diverse cultures and traditions.

At Fundza, we foster creativity through our #LoveWriting platform, which offers writers the opportunity to showcase their talents in various forms of writing. As we commemorate Poetry Day, let us celebrate our poets by exploring some of the poems that have had the highest readership on the site recently:


I miss you! by Evah Ngobeni

If I were a bird, I would’ve flown to wherever you are!

But I’m not!

And when thinking about the distance between where I am and where you are!

I don’t get peace!

My eyes are filled with a lot of tears.

I cry for you, baby!

Please come back to me.

I miss you.


Mbali eqhakazayo (The Blossoming Flower) by Tebogo Gumede

She’s fierce

With thorns

And horns

She smiles, she brags, she laughs

But sometimes exhausted.

Won’t listen to anyone

A bright flower

Yaqhakaza imbali!

Ilanga livela

So beautiful, like the sun shimmering on the morning dew

So beautiful when blooming

Oh, my Rose! You’re red and white

Your colours attract so many eyes

Your scent makes men run a mile

To catch it from afar.


They by Deon Goeieman

They have forgotten about me.

They are acting so strangely towards me

They are going on with their lives as if nothing has happened

They are fine without me

They don’t need or love me anymore

They are ignoring me like they never knew me

It’s like I was never a part of their lives

Yeah, now that they are living their best lives

The soft life

They have pushed me aside

Me! A whole me!

I was always there for them when they needed me!

Who always provided for them

I used to buy everything for them without expecting something back

And without bragging or complaining!

Now that I have nothing, they are treating me like trash!

My so-called friends have forgotten about me

But it’s fine

I pray for them to keep on living their best lives without me

I’ll rise again

Uhm, look at my comeback

It’s going to be greater than my fall

Oh my, it’s going to be better

This time I will look out for those who have been by my side when I had nothing.

I’m going to stick with those who stood by my side when I was down and out

Those who looked out for me

Those who cried with me

Those who gave me everything I needed

Those who were there for me in my darkest hours

Those who had opened their doors for me when I had nowhere else to go

Those who gave me something to eat when I was hungry

Those who had given me something to drink when I was thirsty

They have shown me what true friendship looks like

Friends are supposed to stand together through thick and thin!


Burning Love by Nolonwabo Boya

My heart is ablaze with love.

With your love, I’m in a daze

Your eyes shine like a diamond

Your body against mine with a scent of almond

The softness and hotness of your skin against my cold body is like velvet

Your sweet pink lips cover mine like a duvet

Your dark chocolate skin against my white caramel skin

Your embrace sends me beyond the sky’s limits


Broken Heart by Christina Nyangara

You left my heart in pieces.

You silenced my heart.

You burned my heart into ashes.

You broke the peace in me.

And left the war in my heart

You silenced the freedom in me

And my enemies danced and rejoiced in my pain

Oh! my tears return quickly to dry

My heart and soul long for thee

You stitched my heart with pain and regrets

You broke my heart and silenced it forever

And never returned to unbreak the heart you broke


Don’t force love by Mahlodi Letsoalo.

I always wished someone would love me unconditionally, but things didn’t favour me because I always felt I was forcing things. When I met this guy, I thought I had met my soulmate, but things changed when I started to feel like I didn’t need him. When I was about to break up with him, he constantly cried, so I felt guilty and apologised and never broke up with him, but that changed when I learnt that I should think about my happiness. I decided to tell him to stay away from me because I don’t love him, but he is forcing me to love him, but I can’t do it.

With time I learned to stand up for myself even though my life was in danger because of him. I told myself that no one would force me to love them because it is not something that you can cause but something that you feel from the inside and a feeling that makes you happy.

Don’t force love where it doesn’t belong.

Anyways love is for everyone to feel, not to force it.


If loving you ever gets too much by Relebohile Jobo.

If loving you ever gets too much

Let me know

If my presence gets too overwhelming, please tell me.

 I love you too much to let you suffer because of my presence

I value your peace too much to disturb your soul from receiving it. I know I’m a crybaby at times and primarily moody, but if it ever gets too much, open up to me,

I won’t justify my wrongdoings to keep our love alive because the moment it costs you your peace, then it’s way too expensive for you to afford,

Letting you go won’t be easy, but my love for you will allow me to cut the chains and free you.

Yet again, if being with me makes you unhappy, feel free to let go

Holding on will only cause pain, so LEAVE whenever it gets too much.

I love you enough to want what’s best for you, even if I’m not part of it.


House of Zwide by Thatoo Mbengu

I love the house of Zwide.

The fashion designers

The iconic dresses

Then we have Ona

The best designer ever

Then there is Mampho

Pregnant with Nkosi s child

But fell off the stairs

Last but not least

Shoki with soft lips

I appreciate her

And she’s lovely

I’ve been hurt by Kwinda Muchidzi Pearl.

My heart has been broken.

My friend dated my boyfriend.

The boy I loved wholeheartedly

My worst fears have become a reality

My girlfriend dated my deskmate

I was my best friend’s enemy

She loved me when it was beneficial

My male best friend gave up on me

My close best friend left me

My girlfriend is telling everybody about our business

And I am a private person

I feel alone

I am alone

I am hurt

I’m screaming inside

Tears are falling from my eyes

Do I have a problem?

I don’t know.

He’ll never change by Lindelwa Mthombeni.

When he starts hitting you

When he starts beating you

When he makes you his punching bag

When he uses vulgar language

When he kicks you like a ball

And swears you like a dog

Pack your bags and leave

He’ll never change

Saying sorry won’t help you

Forgiving him won’t help you

Staying won’t help you

Hoping he’ll change won’t help you

No matter how hard you cry

No matter how hard you try

No matter the sharpness of the words you say

He’ll never change

Graveyards are full of women

Who was told to hang in there

He will change

Either you choose to leave

Or you be the next victim.

One thing you must know

When he starts, he never stops

He’ll stop only when you are gone.

He’ll never change.

Tell us: Do you enjoy poetry? If so, what’s your favourite? And which one did you want from our list and why?