Chef and Musician: Food Jams


At 22 Jade de Waal already has her philosophy of life pared down to three interlinking beliefs. Firstly, identify your passion and hone it into a skill; secondly, have the courage to collaborate outside your comfort zone and thirdly, use your new skills and partnerships to create a better world. It’s the reason Cape Townbased De Waal works tirelessly to create partnerships and platforms that inspire others. Under her Eat Your Heart Out banner she harnesses her co-conspirators to devise Food Jams — special moments created through the artistic cross-pollination of food and music. When she’s not mixing new ideas, De Waal is usually blowing a saxophone — a skill she shares with students at schools in Lansdowne and Khayelitsha. Her proudest achievements all speak to her collaborative nature — she co-wrote the Luscious Vegetarian cookbook, made it to the top 10 on MasterChef SA and spent a month touring on a French-South African music exchange.

— Taryn Mackay

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