Squash player

Siyoli Waters

Excelling at sports from a young age, squash maestro Siyoli Waters could have easily slotted into several national teams. She received her provincial colours in hockey, tennis and athletics before she was a teenager, but it was squash that came to the fore when she won her first tournament at 12.

Fast forward to 2008 and Waters was a household name on the local and international circuits. Her latest career success is climbing up the rankings to 36th in the world. Waters says she doesn’t regret taking up a sport far less popular than rugby or football. “I do this for the love of the sport and in the hope I can help to grow it in this country,” she says. She runs a squash coaching programme, offering clinics to would- be players.

“It’s important sharing what I know, especially as one of the few black squash players in the country. I need to be a role model for my sport.”

— Nickolaus Bauer

Website: siyoli.wordpress.com