Paralympics athlete

Hilton Keith Langenhoven

Hilton Keith Langenhoven is adept at overcoming challenges — whether it’s having 10% vision owing to albinism and a tough childhood or competing against the world’s best athletes. He overcame hardships in his youth when he discovered his speed and broke his school’s record for javelin with his first throw.

The rest is history or, as Langenhoven puts it, “making history” — something he’s been doing for 10 years. Among a list of international victories, gold medals and local awards, the 2008 Beijing Paralympics stands out: Langenhoven broke the world record in pentathlon and, after winning the 200 m and long jump, became the first South African to win gold medals in both track and field.

An ambassador for youth development, Langenhoven believes that, whatever the situation, you can and must make your dreams come true. He plans to do just that at the London Paralympics 2012 by taking gold and conquering yet another challenge — the 400 m.

— Lu Larche

YouTube: Hilton Langenhoven