Erns Grundling

Erns Grundling is an adrenaline junkie with an appetite for adventure, an interest in covering offbeat stories in off-the-radar towns and an aptitude for penning these with heart in rich, smart and vibrant Afrikaans. With an honours degree in journalism from Stellenbosch University, Grundling worked at Litnet, Insig and Huisgenoot before landing his ultimate job as features writer at Weg! magazine.

It’s a role that has him on the road, uncovering the quirkiest, craziest stories of South African life — like his feature on the 24 hours he spent with a long-haul truck driver, or his profile on the last-standing manual telephone exchange operator in Winburg. Since 2006, the inventiveness of his topics, his fly-on-the-wall reporting and effervescence of his writing have earned Grundling one Mondi, two Picas and four AKTV Mediaveertjie Awards. Grundling is the co-editor of Afrikaans zine Ons Klyntji, and co-hosts The Unhappy Hour on Bush Radio on Sunday nights.

— Lu Larche

Twitter: @katvis22