Presenter: Cape Talk

Africa Melane

If you’ve tuned into 567 Cape Talk on a weekday, you’ll remember Africa Melane. He’s the guy with the velvety voice and contagious laugh; the one who creates a “warm and engaging environment” while celebrating “this beautiful life”. You might have heard him discussing the 68 professional theatre productions he watched last year, a number likely to increase now that he sits on the panel for the Fleur du Cap theatre awards.

What you probably won’t hear is him reminiscing about the four years he worked as a trainee auditor following his BCom. Not that he minded it. True to his community- driven nature, Melane enjoyed the people he met and the small businesses he helped to set up systems for. As a talk-show host, he’s still helping people but in a way he hopes will empower them to become active citizens that will, like the initiative he supports, go out and “Lead SA”.

— Cat Pritchard

Twitter: @africamelane