Founder and managing director: Pygma Consulting

Mandla Msimang has a passion for “finding ways in which ICT can be used for development, from both a policy and implementation perspective”. As the founder of Pygma Consulting, an advisory firm dealing with policy, regulation, strategy and training, particularly in information and communication technology, Msimang creates spaces for the ICT ecosystem to thrive and ultimately be used for socioeconomic development. Her work is as diverse as the needs of the sector itself, ranging from developing cyber-security awareness frameworks in South Africa to rolling out a broadband network in Tanzania. A firm believer in keeping up with the latest developments, Msimang left her position as head of policy and development at the Independent Communications Authority in 2003 to pursue an MSc in regulation at the London School of Economics, where she focused on utility regulation. Now that Pygma Consulting has an office in the USA, Msimang no longer has to worry about “competing with multinationals”. She is one.

— Cat Pritchard