Designer and co-editor: Cityscapes

Tau Tavengwa

Designer Tau Tavengwa has been burning to publish a magazine capturing Africa’s sexiness, energy and intellect. This passion started when he designed and contributed to the “Pan African conversation” collector’s edition of Art South Africa, where he worked as creative director.

Joining the University of Cape Town’s African Centre for Cities at the behest of Dr Edgar Pieterse, Tavengwa co-edited and designed a number of their publications and realised that “everything is city”, thus finding a unique entry point to explore key issues in contemporary Africa.

As founder/co-publisher and co- editor, along with Sean O’Toole, of Cityscapes — the new biannual magazine about urbanism in the Global South — Tavengwa has been receiving fan mail from the likes of the director of the Harvard Graduate School of Design. The magazine is a culmination of his predilection for content, thought, and process-driven design.

— Nadine Botha

Twitter: @tautavengwa