Executive Human Resources Manager, Makro and JASA Alumnus 2002


Passion, drive and knowledge are key factors to success, I am proud to be associated with JASA.

I attended the Mini Enterprise Programme in 2002 when I was in Grade 11 at The Hill high school. During the programme our company manufactured and sold stress balls and lip balm. We formed a great team and I am still in touch with most of my fellow company members 11 years later!

The programme undeniably helped me decide on my career path and after school I went on to study Human Resources. At the age of 26, I have worked my way up the ranks to various senior management roles and I am currently an Executive Human Resources Manager for Makro SA based at their Woodmead branch. The programme taught me the fundamentals of the business world and showed me the value of facing all challenges head on, which led me to become a solutions driven person.

In my spare time I also facilitate a Mini Enterprise Programme at Princess High School in Roodepoort. It’s great to see that 11 years later JASA is still doing excellent work and changing the lives of so many young people. However there is still a lot of work to do. Currently in South Africa, the gap between learners from school or university and the business world is vast. After matriculating or graduating young people realise that they are not work ready and often find themselves unemployed. By running programmes like the Mini Enterprise programme, JASA is able to develop individuals and assist in moulding the next generation for success after school.

The Mini Enterprise Programme also ignited the entrepreneurial spark in me, and I currently run my own photobook business called Picture This. A photo book is the next evolution of the photo album. Using software, I create beautiful coffee table-style books of people’s personal memories, making use of my clients digital photos. Entrepreneurship is important in South Africa. We need to generate additional sources of job creation, to ensure our country will flourish and unemployment will become a thing of the past. Economic sustainability is key, not only for individuals but for our nation too.

Within the next five years I would like to see myself completing my MBA and moving ahead in my career – possibly into a directorship role – and building my photobook business nationally.

Thank you JASA for the lessons learnt and for guiding my career down this extraordinary path!

Passion, drive and knowledge are key factors to success, I am proud to be associated with JASA and hope to make a difference the way they have!