Date Night

It’s Friday night. I need to find something nice to wear: casual, but smart. I have no idea what that means in the small suburb where Gogo lives. Finally, I settle on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a denim jacket. A cool, relaxed look.

I wonder what my date will be like. It’s a plus that he’s not at school, I think to myself. Schoolboys are so immature.

A knock at the door announces that Michael – or, I’d better start practising it, Mike – has arrived.

Gogo answers the door and when I walk into the room Mike is standing there waiting. He looks good in an expensive shirt. I notice that his shoes are expensive too. Maybe I have misread casual in the township!

I give Gogo a kiss and tell her not to wait up, though I know she will. As we walk to the car I look over my shoulder and see the curtains open slightly. Gogo is peeping out after us.

Mike opens the car door for me. Impressive!

“I borrowed this car from the garage. My uncle Sammie Dube owns Dube’s Den down the road. He’s helping me to become a mechanic,” says Mike.

He revs up the car and shoots off down the road to the All Nations’ Youth Club. I hold onto my seat, feeling nervous. Mike drives quite fast, but we get there in one piece.

We arrive with a screech of brakes. Mike leans across towards me and checks his hair in the rear-view mirror. I can see he is quite aware of his appearance and good looks. He jumps out and opens the passenger door for me.

“Let’s go inside and grab a burger and chips. The church ladies make great burgers,” he says, as he holds out his hand for some money from me. “They’re just R30.”

“Thanks Mike, but I’ll just have a cool drink,” I say, handing over R10.

Mike dashes off, eager to get to the food.

I follow slowly and as I walk across the car park I notice a group of guys and their motorbikes on the far side. They’re all standing around laughing and joking. Some of them are smoking cigarettes and some drinking beers. No alcohol at Youth Club, I remember Mike saying. The bikers don’t seem to care. They’re having a great time.

As I walk into the Club, Mike comes across with my cool drink. “Thanks,” I say, “Shall we find somewhere to sit down so you can eat your burger?”

“Sorry, Zoe, I need to talk to someone across the room. Why don’t you join the girls dancing at the other side of the hall?”

“OK, sure,” I say, unable to hide the disappointment in my voice.

“I don’t dance,” he says, as if that will make me feel better.

Luckily I see Nomi from school and she calls me over to dance with her.


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