The Phonecall

Gogo didn’t wait up this time. She’s satisfied that it’s all going well with Mike from next door. I wonder what she’d say if she knew that Mike hadn’t spent any time with me on the date, that I’d danced with a bunch of girls and that I’d given my phone number to a boy who rides a motorbike!

She’d be tut tutting for hours.

I go to bed, but it’s hard to sleep as I try to imagine if Mike, Biker Mike, will phone me.

In the morning I wake up to the sound of Gogo making porridge. Delicious, creamy, mealiemeal porridge. My mom usually makes it lumpy.

Gogo is waiting for me at the table and I can tell she wants to find out about Youth Club last night. I smile to myself as I think about giving Biker Mike my number. I check I have my phone next to me. I hope Gogo won’t be in the room when he calls. What will she do if she finds me talking to one of those evil biker boys.

The phone rings! I check the screen. Unknown number: it must be Biker Mike. I want to go out to the veranda to talk to him, but Gogo is in the way.

“Hello,” I say. Trying not to sound nervous.

“A friend?” asks Gogo. I can see I will have to tell her who it is.

“Hi, Mike here,” a voice says. “I hope you don’t mind me calling you. I got your number from a friend at Youth Club last night. Would you like to meet at Flags for a cool drink? We’re going there this morning.”

I stand gasping.

Would I like to meet there? I try to contain my excitement in a brief reply.

“Sure, see ya there,” I answer, trying to sound very casual.

“What time?”

I’m suddenly aware of someone behind me and realise Gogo is listening to the conversation. She is sure to ask who I am going to meet. What shall I say?

I have a brainwave. I can just say “Mike” and Gogo will think it is Mike next door.

“So, who was that Zoe?” asks Gogo.

“Mike,” I say with a blush and run off to the bedroom.

I jump up and down in front of the mirror. ”Mike called,” I mouth to my happy face in the mirror.

I give myself a high five.

When I am feeling more composed I go back to tell Gogo I am going to the shop quickly. I ask if she would she like anything.

“Just some bread and milk, dear. Are you going to meet Mike?” she asks, as she gives me some pocket money to buy a milkshake.

I nod. I am so excited. I will meet Mike, Biker Mike, at Flags Cafe this morning.


Tell us what you think: Do you agree with the way Zoe responded to Gogo’s question about who had called her on the phone?