When Dineo got to X-Club, she could see ‘a little’ drinking would not be part of Mimi’s plan: she was already drunk. It was going to be a long, tough night.

“Hey Babes!” Mimi said when she spotted Dineo. “Come. We have a table that side.”

Mimi pulled her over to a booth in the corner where two men were already sitting. Ice buckets with sparkling wine crowded the table. “This is my girl Dineo,” Mimi said. “Dineo, that dodgy looking one is Aku, and this fellow is Mike.”

Mike shook Dineo’s hand as Mimi pushed in far too close to Aku. “So what do you do?” Mike asked her over the noise.

“I’m a waitress.” Dineo knew who to share her dreams with, and Mike was not on that list.

Mimi was pouring new glasses of wine for everyone while Aku left and soon returned with a tray of jelly shots. Dineo gave hers to Mike, who much like Mimi, did not need it.

“You’re beautiful,” he slurred into her ear. Dineo smiled thinly at him and hoped she’d find a way to get Mimi to leave with her soon.

“Oh this is my song! Come let’s dance!” Mimi was up and pulling both Aku and Dineo’s hand to join her on the dance floor. Mike followed them. It was crowded and Mike made it even more so. He pushed in close to her, grabbing her around the waist, pulling her even closer. Dineo kept escaping and Mike kept pulling her back. Before she knew it he’d pulled her in close and kissed her. Dineo got free and made to leave the dance floor … and that’s when she saw him.

Lame was sitting at the bar with another man; they must have just come from work since they were still in suits. Lame was turned around and looking at her, his face blank. Dineo spotted him just as Mike was there again, grabbing at her and kissing her neck.

Dineo pulled free and turned back to Lame, but he was gone. She rushed out the door, looked up and down the pavement, but he had already disappeared.


Tell us: Do you think Lame over-reacted? What would you have done if you were him?