Dineo got to Claudio’s for her shift but she hadn’t managed to control her tears yet. Angelica spotted her first.

“Oh my dear, what has happened? What is making you cry? Come, come sit.”

She led Dineo to her small table in the corner of the kitchen. “Is it the audition? Did you not get the big dance job? There will be others, don’t cry, my darling.”

The kindness of her brushing the tears from her face was too much; it made Dineo cry even more, so much she couldn’t speak. Now Mimi and Claudio were there too.

“No, it’s not the audition. She got the big dance job. It can’t be that,” Mimi said.

“You got the big dance job?” Claudio asked. “Then you should be happy not sad. Very happy. Maybe she is overly happy, that’s why she cries.”

“Maybe she’s sad about leaving her new friend,” Angelica said. “Maybe she’s already homesick before leaving. I know this; I was homesick for Italy before I even stepped on the aeroplane.”

Dineo’s phone rang. She looked at it and threw it on the desk, and the crying increased even more. Mimi picked up the phone and saw it was Lame. “It must be the new man. Is it the new man, Dee?” Dineo nodded her head. “Did he dump you?” Dineo shook her head. “Does he have another woman?” Dineo nodded her head. “Oh no!” Mimi said.

“He didn’t look like a man like that,” Claudio said. “He looked upstanding.”

“I knew he was too good to be true,” Mimi said.

Angelica only nodded her head as she thought over the new information. “Are you sure about this?” she said, handing Dineo the tissue always held up the sleeve of her jersey.

Dineo wiped her face and finally got control of her tears. “I know for sure. I saw photos.”

“Photos? What kind of photos?” Angelica asked sceptically.

“Wedding photos! He’s married!” Dineo looked up at Mimi. “You were right all along. He was lying. He’s married to Melinda!”

“Wedding photos only show that there was a wedding,” Angelica said.

“But a wedding means a marriage, no?” Claudio asked.

“No. Weddings happen, then there’s a marriage, but marriages end. Did you ask him if he is still married?” Angelica said.

“If he is not still married, why did he never tell her he was once married? Why did he hide it?” Mimi said. “Because he’s a jerk that’s why! He’s married and he was hiding it!”

“No. He might have another reason. Jumping to conclusions will get us nowhere,” Angelica said. “We must bring him here. We must ask him questions.”

“No!” Dineo said. “I don’t want to see him. I can’t. I thought everything was wonderful, perfect. I had my new dance tour, and a new love. My life was perfect. Now it’s all horrible. Ruined!”

Dineo let her head fall onto her arms folded on the desk. She cried loudly. Angelica rubbed her back. “You, Mimi, you take our Dineo home. We will manage the lunch crowd without you. You take her home and take care of our girl.”

Mimi helped Dineo up and they headed out of the restaurant towards Dineo’s flat. Angelica watched them from the kitchen door, where she was tying on an apron to take over the waitressing duties, while her two best waitresses were off, mending a broken heart.

But Angelica was not finished. She loved solving mysteries, especially mysteries around love, and here was one she intended to get to the bottom of.


Tell us: Should you always tell a new girlfriend/boyfriend upfront if you have been married before?