Dorcas didn’t know whether it was the tone of her friend’s voice or the fact that she needed to be reminded that there was no need to pine for the likes of Jason, but she slept soundly that night. The next morning she woke up feeling relaxed and happy. Suddenly, life was great.

Feeling optimistic, and with Bonyo’s encouragement, she started dating.

“There’s no better way to get over someone than to go on a date with a sexy man.” Bonyo couldn’t wait to introduce Dorcas to her colleague, Julius. He was handsome and financially independent – just what Dorcas was looking for in a relationship.

But the first date didn’t go well. Julius tried to get her into bed. But she literally threw up on his well-polished shoes and had to rush off to the bathroom where she vomited several times. When she sheepishly emerged a good few minutes later, he was gone.

Not long after, she met Jimmy. After a few dates he took her out to a fancy seafood restaurant. When Dorcas saw the plump, pink prawns she excused herself and rushed off to the toilet to be sick.

On Easter Sunday she went to church alone. She must have fainted because she had absolutely no recollection of being carried outside. She remembered opening her eyes and the feeling of kind, grandmotherly hands clutching hers.

“You’re OK, sweetie. When are you due?”

“Due where?” And then Dorcas’s eyes opened wider in amazement.

The old woman laughed softly and said, “I think you’d better get yourself to a doctor. I’m sure you’re OK but it’s not good to be fainting this early in your pregnancy. You probably need some extra iron for your baby.”

Was it possible? Could she really be pregnant? Assuring the kind old woman that she was fine, she rushed to her car and drove around until she found a chemist that was open. She hurried in and bought a pregnancy test kit. Instead of going home, she drove to Bonyo’s flat and did the test there.

Bonyo was more excited than she was when the test was positive. The two friends spent the afternoon cosily together on the settee, discussing names. After that Dorcas made an appointment to see her doctor and started reading everything she could lay her hands on about having a healthy pregnancy.

There was no doubt that Jason was the father. It was a good job she hadn’t got on with those two guys. She’d never have known for sure who the father was. She giggled as she remembered how sick she’d been.

Then came the second big surprise.

“How would you like to move to Grahamstown and head our office there?” her boss, Isaac, asked her.

“I’d be delighted,” she smiled, “but I’m pregnant, Isaac.”

“Well that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Glenda, who’s running it now, will just stay on until after you give birth. Oh, and congratulations, by the way.”

On the first of September, the first day of spring, Dorcas’s son came rapidly into the world. She was only in labour for four hours.

“Two peas in a pod,” was how Dorcas thought of Leon – her precious little boy. He was the spitting image of his father.

Life in Grahamstown was pleasant. Leon loved playing outside. He was growing into a fine, handsome boy. His second birthday was coming up soon and Dorcas was going to have a little party for him.

Dorcas was also going out with a guy named Tom, whom she had met through work. He was smitten with her and wanted to marry her and adopt Leon.

He was rich, successful and very handsome. He also adored Leon. But Dorcas didn’t know why she kept putting him off. She would never have to worry about a thing in her life ever again if she married Tom. What was stopping her?

* * *

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