I only saw myself plunging a knife into Junior’s skin. Everything before that was a total blur. The feel of the knife meeting with the skin was sickening, but I couldn’t seem to stop as tears blinded my eyes.

Moments later, I felt someone pushing me away. The fog that had been blinding my eyes cleared, and I saw Junior in a pool of his blood, “Junior!” I shouted. What had I done?

Someone kicked the knife away from me. I realised that there were people in the room: the staff from the venue, Junior’s father, my parents looking at me with total disgust, and that snake that was my sister kneeling in front of Junior. Her hair was not yet done, but she was already in her dress. She did not dare to look at me as she cried out loud. Her white dress was now stained with blood.

The police dragged me out of the room at the same time as the paramedics walked into the room. What had I done? It felt like I was in some nightmare, and no matter what I did I was not waking up. Everyone at the venue had stopped whatever they had been doing. They were now looking at me with disapproving looks in their eyes. Some were looking at me with fear, as if I would break loose from the handcuffs and hurt them.

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