The next day Jojo was waiting for Kago outside their workplace as he arrived. “So did you find him?” she greeted him.

“Who? Tiger?”

“Who else? I’ve been worried all night. It’s sad to think of a dog roaming around the streets with no home.”

“Yeah, but no, I didn’t find him. Don’t worry, he’ll pitch up.”

Jojo did look worried. “You know what. I know a place. A place that collects lost and unwanted dogs: Paws R Us. After work you and I can go there. Maybe they have Tiger.”

Kago liked the idea of going to Paws R Us with Jojo. He liked the idea of going anywhere with her.

“Sure, that sounds like a plan,” he said.

* * * * *

Kago decided to splurge on a taxi to the dog rescue place. It would have taken two combi rides for two people, almost the price of a special taxi anyway, and he was hopeful they would find Tiger. Jojo would be devastated if they didn’t, and he’d feel pretty bad too. He was missing that big dog.

A tall, heavy-set white man stood at the reception of Paws R Us. “Can I help you?” he asked.

“Yes, I’m looking for my dog, Tiger. He’s big, and black, with three white feet. He’s part boerboel, but he isn’t aggressive. He went missing from my house in Extension Five two days ago.”

“Why don’t you come with me and you can have a look?”

He led them though a passage that smelled like antiseptic. Kago could hear dogs barking somewhere. The man opened a door at the end and Kago and Jojo went inside. The room was full of big cages, each with two or three dogs inside. “Have a look. Maybe your Tiger is in one of those.”

Kago didn’t need to look long because Tiger rushed to the front of the second cage and started barking like mad. “That’s him!” Kago said pointing at the dog. “That’s my Tiger.”

Jojo went up to the cage. “He’s lovely! And look, he’s made a friend.” In the cage with Tiger was a smaller, tough-looking, brown dog. Kago thought he might be a pit bull. He was licking Tiger’s ear. “Shame! He’s going to miss Tiger when he goes.”

“Okay, just come to the reception and fill some paperwork out, then you can take your dog home with you,” the man said.

Luckily Kago had asked the taxi man to wait for them. He had just had a feeling that they would find Tiger. At the car, after getting Tiger in the back seat, Jojo turned to Kago and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “I’m so happy you found your dog.”

Jojo got into the passenger seat. Kago sat at the back with his arm around Tiger, smiling.

As the taxi pulled away from the dog rescue place, Kago looked back. He spotted something familiar. There was a big covered truck behind the building. The man from the reception desk was putting dogs into the truck. But that was not what caught Kago’s eye. What caught his eye was the guy helping the man.

The guy was Spokes.

* * *

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